Love Decline



Love Decline

Love Decline

It wasn’t long before her mother discovered that she was having an affair with someone. The mothers are always the first ones to know. Rashmy’s behaviour had begun to change drastically. Ever since she came back home from her in laws house, she had been under depression. The kind of depression that a broken marriage can bring about is pretty bad. But add to it the fact that it was a love marriage that broke apart, the depression takes in a completely new definition.

Hema was happy to notice the changes in her daughter. After all,she did deserve happiness. The marriage, that lasted for two years, had gifted her daughter with a year old son, a husband who wasn’t worthy of her in the first place and a set of parents in law straight from hell. The idea of staying with Rajesh’s parents was something that Hema was against from the first itself. But she couldn’t tell her daughter to break up the family. That would be considered as bad advice from a mother.

Hema had lost her husband to a car accident when Rashmy was 10 years old. Since then she had tried to be a father and a mother to Rashmy. Hema was always aware of the happenings in her daughter’s life. That is why, when Rashmy confessed of her love for Rajesh and her desire to marry him, she wasn’t surprised at all. It first struck her, when she noticed the smile on Rashmy’s face each time a message or call came to her mobile, that her daughter was in love.

Hema was fond of Rajesh. He was a soft spoken person and was well set in his job. Rashmy and Rajesh worked in the same building and they had met at one of the restaurants during lunch hour. The friendship developed mainly through phone calls and messages. During a Diwali pooja, Hema had asked her daughter to keep the phone aside for a while. It was the day that Rashmy had had a lucky escape, from what could have been a major accident, with just a few bruises. She had crossed the road with her eyes focused on the mobile.

When Hema heard the phone vibrating on the side table , she did not mention it to Rashmy who was engrossed in singing a Bhajan with her cousins and thanking God for her narrow escape. Hema was shaken too by this news and felt a sudden enmity towards her daughter’s phone. She let it ring in silence.

Out of curiousity, Hema checked the screen of the phone after a while. She was shocked to see 38 missed calls in 10 mins! She wondered what was going on. She hurriedly took the phone to her daughter to check if anything serious had come up at work. When Rashmy called back Rajesh with a smile on her face, Hema’s smile widened too. She was happy for her daughter.

Today, during the time that Rashmy was playing with her son after coming back from work, Hema noticed her daughter’s phone lying on the dining table. The phone had just stopped vibrating. On it was an array of Whatsapp and Facebook messages. Modern ways of love were strange, Hema thought.  More messages, more calls, more concern, but nothing guaranteed love in a relationship. ‘Likes’ and ‘Comments’ can be faked, but love cannot. At least , not for long. If only her daughter understood that life was not like Facebook. You cannot undo life’s mistakes after making them. They remain as scars forever.

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.

This time your entry must contain, “38 missed calls in 10 mins! He/She wondered what was going on.”

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36 thoughts on “Love Decline

  1. Yes mothers always know. Even today amma in Vizag knows what her daughter in Bahrain is upto. Don’t ask me how 🙂
    I so agree on the last line Jyothi, Life’s mistakes remain as scars


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  3. Very apt post mirroring the social mores of modern lives!!! There’s a deluge of social networking sites and gadgets in the market these days. Whether they are boon or bane God only knows. It’s somewhat scary to raise our children in this notoriously web friendly world.


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