Inked Impressions



It was a long day after work when she decided to go for a walk around her building. That was the only form of exercise she managed to squeeze into her busy schedule. Could the impact of such non stop work effect her mind so much? Jaya wondered about this while she was just passing by the security guard, who greeted her with a faint smile. Amar was just settling into his shift by wearing his uniform over his vest. During this process she noticed a tattoo behind his right shoulder.

She had seen that tattoo before! If only she could remember where? Because she was exhausted she decided to let that feeling go. Tattoos are so common these days, anyone could have had that very same design if they had gone to the same shop. After completing her second round around the apartment complex, Jaya headed home.

She filled the tub with warm water and bubbles. She lit some scented candles and placed them on the wash basin. Her playlist had the perfect soothing numbers to go with this relaxing atmosphere. She let the songs play as she left her mobile on the towel rack next to the bath tub.

She undressed and got into the tub, every bit of her relaxing as she entered the warm bath water. She laid down there with her head resting on the brims of the tub and eyes closed, trying to take in the smells and sounds that always managed to soothe her.

Her thoughts drifted away from the events of the day at work and began to relax. Her thoughts were interrupted when the image of the tattoo flashed in front of her eyes all of a sudden. It was a Trishul shaped tattoo and she wondered what about it bothered her so much.

Her friend Rhea’s birthday was round the corner. It was her job to hire a caterer and host the party in her home. Her friends had entrusted her with this responsibility because her apartment had the biggest living room to accommodate all her friends. Her music system was the envy of her friends too. Her parents had gifted it to her when she moved into this apartment.

Jaya wanted to make sure that Rhea had the best birthday ever. Her friend really needed the excitement and change in her life after that incident last month that left her with a scar on her neck. Her gold chain was snatched from her neck while she was descending at the bus stop close to her home. They couldn’t catch hold of the thief. He ran with lightening speed even before she realised what was happening. All she noticed as an identification was that the man was tall, well built, wearing a white vest with a cloth wrapped around his neck and head. Later that day, Rhea gave a sketch to the police of a Trishul with an Om. She said that she noticed this tattoo on the thief’s right shoulder.

Jaya knew she had to go for a stroll around the building one more time tonight. She needed to take a photo. She needed to make sure that her night security guard Amar did not have an interesting day job!

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.

Write Over the Weekend theme for this week :

This time your entry must contain, ‘He/She had seen that tattoo before! If only he/she could remember where.’


NaBloPoMo November 2013

Pic Courtesy : Juniortattoobangalore


16 thoughts on “Inked Impressions

  1. Nice story. I hope the guard was caught. This way I wish the entire world gets a unique tattoo done for themselves and we are able to arrest and punish more wrongdoers. 😀


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