Have a soul

Have A Soul

Have A Soul

I looked like them. I behaved like them. I had managed to become a part of the hep gang in school. I had to change myself completely. That day, sitting in the front row amongst the popular kids, I was the happiest soul. Had I looked back, I would have realised that they were taking me for a ride. Tears wouldn’t stop as I stared at the telecast of that match on cafeteria TV. The mean girls were mocking my every move behind my back. So naive I had been to think that I could belong in that soulless group.

Written for 100 words on Saturday at Write Tribe.

Today’s prompt is courtesy Nischala Murthy who blogs at Verve:  “Had I looked back”


100 Words on Saturday - Write Tribe

NaBloPoMo November 2013

Picture Courtesy : Allthetests.com


29 thoughts on “Have a soul

  1. Yes, as children we all tend to be a part of the hep group, not understanding the importance of being with people who are like us. Well described Jyothi.


  2. In life there is one particular phase where we want to be noticed and will go an extra mile to achieve that. but only to realize that it was a mirage. i love yr writing.


  3. Lovely post, am sure most of us would relate to this given that we have all tried to be hep and happening at some point in life, haven’t we?


  4. It is hard to take in that we do not belong. Even if we put in effort to ‘belong’ to that one group, we will still feel lonely. To be in a group, and still feel lonely – that’s hard. I have fallen out of hep groups too.. may be I am not hep enough? 😀


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