It doesn’t take much to make her happy. All she needs is a happy smile and a warm hug. But not all are accustomed to give her that sense of belonging. Yet, her expectations are high.

Her family never believed in public display of affection. That didn’t mean that there was no love amongst them. It just meant that there wasn’t a necessity to flaunt that love to all and sundry.

Endearing messages on Facebook amongst family members or friends makes her wonder. Is their life perfect? If she only knew their truth.

Aloofness is sometimes a blessing in disguise.

Written for the 100 words on Saturday at Write Tribe

Today’s prompt is from Shilpa Garg of ‘A Rose Is A Rose Is A Rose:

A blessing in disguise

100 Words on Saturday - Write Tribe
Picture Courtesy : Plan2Life

15 thoughts on “Aloofness

  1. In today’s world, you really don’t truly love anybody until a picture is posted on Facebook 😀 Nice post, lovely use of the prompt 🙂


  2. aloofness ..a belssing in disguise only when it is a choice and if you are a good company for your inner self… I also dont approve for public display of affection but at the same time I am all for telling and showing your love to the person who matters…


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