Book : Sirens Spell Danger


Book: Siren Spell Danger

Authors :  Suresh Chandrasekaran, Radha Sawana, Karthik L

This is not the first time I am reading a book authored by fellow bloggers. I enjoyed the Dork series immensely. Even though I never read the blog of the author of that book before, the narration caught my interest. It was written in the language that we generally speak in. Just like we do in blogging.

But when we are dealing with the mystery or thriller genre, the language that we use for general conversation is not much acceptable. This is one of the drawbacks of the first and the third stories in this book. There is too much stress on the feelings and thoughts of the protagonist than on the plot or the narrative. The use of too many idioms is a turn off too.

Story one, Femme Fatale,  talks about how a soon to be police officer ,Vicky, gets caught up in a terrorist operation. The characters are good, the plot is well created, the characterisation is done well. But the narrative could have been better.

Story two, Bella Dona, is a gripping tale of murder and revenge. The author follows the Dan Brown style of using symbolism to keep the readers on the edge and turning pages with a frenzy to know what happens next. A beautifully written and researched work this one is. The effect of which will remain with me for a while. But there is something that I didn’t understand about a missing murder. Or maybe it was just me who wants everything to fall into place perfectly.

Story three, Bellary, started off with a lot of promise in the form of Jay, an Intelligence agent ,who gets assigned a kidnapping case. A CBI agent agent gets kidnapped during his mission in Bellary, Karnataka. And it is Jay’s job to find him. He is suspicious of it from the beginning itself as he thinks the case has some political aspirations behind it. The story fades as it takes an entirely different turn pretty quickly.

All in all, it is an interesting read. I would have gone with 2.5 out of 5. But because I thoroughly enjoyed the second story, I am giving it  3 out of 5.

Happy Reading Folks!


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  1. Hi Jyothi,

    I am the author of the second story ‘Bella Dona’. A belated thanks for your review!

    Need a small favour from you. We have changed the cover image of this book across all platforms (facebook, goodreads and Amazon). I was wondering if you could change the book cover in your review as well. Its a part of our rebranding attempt, so we would like the same cover to be present all over the web.

    You can find the new book cover here –

    Thanks again for supporting our book!


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