Of Bloggers and Free Expression


I don’t know why I felt like reblogging this today. But I just did. 🙂

Jyothi's Day Out

Written for Write Tribe’s Free to Create . And the prompt is :

What does freedom of expression mean to me as a blogger/ writer?

zipped_lips_by_ajoyant-d47rbc5Pic Coutesy : ajoyant.deviantart.com

How does one come into the blogging world? According to me there are four ways this happens.

1. You see a friend or acquaintance create and maintain a blog and have online friends. You are tempted to follow suit.

2. You have this urge to read and write. You read so much that you feel the need to write your views on everything and anything you see. You go searching for an outlet for your talent and you come across blogging.

3. You have a product or service that you want to advertise. Rather than have a static page with just the product details, you prefer to blog about related articles and in the process gain followers and maybe some clients…

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2 thoughts on “Of Bloggers and Free Expression

  1. And glad you did – enjoyed your post particularly the last line – celebrating those who fought for our freedom. My grandmother was one of them.


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