The Learning Curve



I look up at the sky,
With a heart full of love,
Each day a new beginning,
Each day full of hope.

What is it that I want,
My dreams are so vague,
Why dream at all I say?
Does life need an escape?

Be happy, be content,
The voices all over say,
With such weakness of heart,
And thoughts that just stray?

Change is a must,
For the better, of course,
Having lived this far,
Happily, for far more.

Grow a bit of courage,
Grow a bit of nerve,
Life experiences teach,
Learning is but a curve.

Picture Courtesy : mindmapinspiration


32 thoughts on “The Learning Curve

  1. Lovely poem Jyothi and the sky inspires the poetic leanings.
    My teacher in school had asked us to look at the clouds and imagine what each clouds look like. After 10 minutes she asked us to look at it which had changed the shape. we had fun sky-watching.


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