When a heart breaks…



It comes naturally,
For those in love,
To cherish someone,
Who love them too.

It takes more,
It takes much more,
To love someone,
Who is new to you.

You see a stranger in tears,
At the park bench today,
It doesn’t take much,
To send smiles their way.

Each pain I hear,
Ends up as a tear,
With every care,
I try to cheer.

With every cheer,
My heart bleeds more,
I can only hope,
That the hurts disappear.

With every hope,
It makes me wonder,
Do I go looking for pain?
To become a saviour?

A bit of love,
A pleasing word,
A bit of passion,
To soften the wound.

A little compassion,
Is all it takes,
To hear, see and feel,
When any heart breaks.

Written for The Language of Love Contest at Write Tribe.

We are grateful to our friend,Β Vishal BheerooΒ for inspiring us to choose this quote. Thanks, Vishal!


38 thoughts on “When a heart breaks…

  1. The best thing bout this inspiring poem that it’s not restricted to physical love but a heart capable of loving each and every being. I am grateful for your kindness to me. Happy V Day:)


  2. Just to let you know that I was here – over a year late – but I’m reviewing the entries to make sure the results of this contest are announced finally. My apologies for the inordinate delay. Keep writing, Jyothi.


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