It is our world !


I had been staring at a blank screen for hours in the morning while I was trying to churn out a post for today’s prompt until I finally gave up! I am not a feminist by any standards. I just believe in equality in everything. Men and women have equal contribution in this life and the wheels of life move ahead only when the two are in sync. Unless of course if we learn to create clones of ourselves or like they say in the serial “Almost Human”, create perfect chromes of ourselves, we are still entitled to equal share in this world.

How the disparity happened? How the social status of the woman got reduced to nothing? How inhuman crimes against women began? These are questions that I do not know the answers to. To tell you the truth, I am done with pointing fingers and trying to find someone to blame for the state of women in this world. It could have been mean women or meaner men. The key word here being “mean”.

What I would like everyone to focus on is on educating men and women about respecting every individual they interact with. Irrespective of caste, creed, religion or sex. They need to be taught to be kind to the people around them. They are to build a family of their own someday. They are to produce the next generation that will take over our places and run the administration of this world. If the adults are educated in this respect, the kids automatically get to learn this. And with this the crime and atrocities can be reduced. This, in my opinion, is the only way to solve the issue.

It is not a “man’s world” or a “woman’s world”. It is “our” world. And to protect this world, the education must begin at home.

1. Marriage minimum age must be increased to 24 for men and women. At least by then, the person has an idea what he/she wants to do with his/her life. They would have completed graduation and had a chance to make their own living even. Making every person , man or woman, self reliant is the first step.

2. Once the decision to have a child is made, other things like who is going to care for the child, who is going to take time out from work to tend to the child should be planned well ahead. This makes the planning of the child and its care giving much easier and stress free.

3. Financially sound family only can give a safe haven and a balanced home to a child. It is better to wait till your finances are sorted out and some money has been saved.

4. Life , although most don’t want to agree, is about giving life to a new generation of abled and responsible citizens. If you can’t manage to create more than one responsible citizen because of time and finance situation, stick to having just one child. Give the child all you have, in terms of education, sensibility and time.

5.  Nobody should be judged if they decide not to have children. It is an investment too and getting into it should be done with proper planning and thought only. Nobody should be forced to have kids just because it is considered the norm!

These are just 5 points that I think every young adult should be made aware of. Times are changing, world is changing, it is time to change some of the norms and move ahead in life.  Let us protect “Our World” and make it a better place for everyone , men and women alike. Let us inspire change in ourselves and the people around us. Let the ripple effect begin. The outcome can only be better anyway.

We don’t need a day to celebrate ourselves, but we do need a day to remind ourselves of our responsibilities towards future generations. Maybe a day like this can be used to unite the people of the world into making a happier world for all. Maybe one changed person at a time even.

Written for the Festival of Words 3 Day 7 @ Write Tribe : International Women’s Day 2014 theme – Inspiring Change

I'm taking part in the Write Tribe Festival of Words -3
International Women's Day

International Women’s Day


16 thoughts on “It is our world !

  1. It all boils down to upbringing I guess. Women, even those who are submissive, should teach their sons how to respect women, and teach their daughters that they are not inferior in any way.

    Easier said than done maybe, but its sad that many a times, a woman is woman’s worst enemy.


    Happy Womens Day


  2. ‘We don’t need a day to celebrate ourselves, but we do need a day to remind ourselves of our responsibilities towards future generations.’……..I liked this thought very much
    and your key idea -if men and women are in sync then only can the life wheel roll smoothly- impressed me a lot…..Happy Women’s Day!


  3. True that, a day like this is to take stock of the current situation and plan and work for the future. And each one should believe and practice that ‘change starts with me’!!


  4. I’m torn between agreeing with your thoughts while at the same time understanding there is a need for a day like IWD only because as women, we have been discriminated against for centuries — even mythology has condemned women with Eve, Sita, Draupadi all having fingers pointed at them. I wish things would change but I’m afraid I might not be alive to see the change. In the mean time though, I think we can do our very best!


  5. So much truth found here. It is our world and we all must learn to live together peacefully in it. I agree with all your points and even think 24 is a reasonable age. People need to have time to make a life for themselves and discover who they are before they get married and expect to become part of a pair. Lovely post! ♥


  6. Fully agree with points one and five. Everything start with proper education of the children where parents play an important role to shape beliefs. Btw, just finished ur ebook yest and enjoyed reading it:)


  7. You have said it all..
    I guess choice and a control over our lives irrespective of gender is what we need the most.
    and yes, we don’t need one day to celebrate ourselves.. We need to celebrate, uplift and respect ourselves every single day! 🙂


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