Are you Cunning me?


It looks like I have given importance to negative emotions more in this list. But what can one do when the world is filled with such negativity?

Maybe knowing the signs and symptoms of such emotions can help us lead a happier life. We are then equipped with enough knowledge to ignore things that we can’t change.

What we can do is remain happy by seeking  happiness within us rather than in the approval of anyone else!

And yes, we continue…

 C is for Cunning

Is it winning or losing?
Is life a game?
Love of the truth,
Or shortlived fame?

You deceived me, 
Despite my love,
You deceived yourself,
And the God above.

Happiness is not a winning,
It is a feeling from within,
It can’t be gained,
From being so cunning.

Be true to self,
Be true to others,
Deception is a flaw,
Which has no takers. 

~~ Jyothi Nair – 22nd Feb 2014 ~~

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Pic Courtesy : Kingdom of Style


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