Why do I still have this blog?

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There are times when I want to say something to the world. There are times when my feelings need to be expressed. There are times when I just need to talk, not bothering about whether I am being heard or not. I am not a professional blogger. I blog for fun and I always have. I have changed domains and self hosting and done a lot of research on blogging platforms purely because I love doing it. I love the idea of blogging, I love the idea of connecting, I love the idea of expressing, I love the feeling of being a blogger.

I got rid of my Photograph blog and Photography Page a few weeks ago. It was long overdue. In the life that I am leading now, stuck between home and work  due to various reasons, I do not have the opportunity to take my DSLR out. In fact at this very moment, I do not even know in which corner of my house the DSLR is in. That is the situation I am in right now.

Blogging has helped me through a lot in life. I have made online friends who have remained only as online friends for a very good reason. I am not a very social person in person. I love my loneliness and my privacy too much, I guess. But I am in no way anti social. Maybe that is the reason this blog survived my wrath and is still functional. The fact that I had only 101 comments in my Spam folder after all these weeks is a proof that my blog is literally dead.

But I am not giving up. No way. I have so much more to say. So much more to contribute. So much more to share. But now, my family needs me more. So writing is taking a back seat now. But I am sure once my children fly the coop, my writing , blogging and photography will continue in full swing. Till then I need to nurture every spare moment I get with my kids. Life is too short to completely ignore the blog for such long periods of time. So, I have decided to post something or the other on this blog at least once a week.

Something that can be shared, needs to be shared. I am going to find time to share my thoughts before my talks with myself die a slow death. I want to keep that communication line open. Between me and my inner thoughts.

Hope to see you around.

P.S : It feels so good to blog again. I missed it sooooooo much. 🙂



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