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Dear World,

Today, when the entire world is celebrating “Women’s Day”, we Indians have our heads bent low in shame. We truly deserve to be in this state though! We have amongst us men who believe that “women are flowers” as long as they sit at home like slaves. The moment she gets out of her home alone, she is equivalent to prey. Open for anyone to attack her!

After watching “India’s Daughter”, I couldn’t control my rage at the nonsense I got to witness. I am so glad that this documentary was made and shared with the world. I know that a defense lawyer has to try and justify his clients. But the words I heard were not justifications of a crime committed, but plain and simple venom towards the modern women of India. I hope every Indian sees this and realizes the kind of villains we are harbouring amongst us!

Every revolution starts with a spark. Let Jyoti’s light be the harbinger of freedom for Indian Women. Let us be united in letting the world know that we Indian Women are not anyone’s property and we are very much capable of taking care of ourselves. If animals decide to attack us for any reason, they should be shot down like rabied animals generally are!

May her soul rest in peace knowing that she was able to bring about a change in the mindset of at least a few people. The ripple effect will take care of the rest.

It is not a Happy Women’s Day at all today. Not because of the death of one of India’s daughters, but because of the audacity of a few men to air such views about women and the government’s delay in revoking their licenses to practice law. How can our judicial system be trusted ever again? How are we supposed to feel equal in this democracy when there are such animals walking around in the courts of law?

Hope the civilized human race understands the sadness that engulfs us today and our desperate need to fight for our freedom from such indignity. Let us together make it happen!

An Indian


16 thoughts on “Make it Happen

  1. Very well said. I too am glad that they made this documentary, It is a moving tribute to a beautiful soul. I too was disgusted at the comments made by the rapists and lawyers but more than disgusted I was disturbed, If this documentary fuels change then it will have done its job and Jyoti’s death will not have been in vain. Glad you wrote this.


    • I still can’t believe they said those things. I have heard quite a few common men, saints and politicians mouth such things, but lawyers! It scares me. Aren’t they supposed to be the educated ones! 😦


  2. I think if anyone needs to be ashamed, it is the handful of vicious men who were interviewed for this film. Their words do not reflect anything on Indian society or Indian men. Indian criminal justice system has many problems, no doubt about that. But what a couple of notoriety-hungry lawyers say in front of a foreign TV crew is not reflective of all the sincere workers in legal profession. That’s just my humble opinion.


    • I don’t deny the sincere work of anyone or any profession. I am just against the fact that these particular ones haven’t been punished yet. I am sure you will find quite a few even in the most educated neighborhood echoing the very same thoughts of these few men. And mind you, quite a few women too think like that!
      Your opinion is noted and appreciated. 🙂


  3. This documentary sure brought out those sparks which was born around the time this crime happened. It wasn’t the criminal’s speech that disturbed me,( who expects a civilized talk from him?), but the lawyers holding such retarded mentality is disgusting. At least we came to know how derailed their views are. Hopefully government will spend some time in educating such retarded minds. Well written post, Jyoti.


  4. I do resonate the feelings of anger. Stark reality we are facing should not be hidden under the shadow. It’s time to change. Time to bring in the changed in everyone’s thinking.


  5. I like how you marked this post “Jyothi’s Day” and hopefully her death was not in vain. I didn’t see the documentary – it was banned – though I did read the remarks of the rapist and defense lawyer: how terribly shocking and revolting! Yes, revolution indeed: here we come as sisters and brothers in solidarity! 😉 ❤


  6. “Hope the civilized human race understands the sadness that engulfs us today and our desperate need to fight for our freedom from such indignity. Let us together make it happen!” Amen to that Jyothi! Completely concur with each and every word you’ve written here in the post. It’s certainly not been a very Happy Women’s Day this time.

    I’m appalled by adverse reactions this documentary has garnered in our country. So wish it was not banned. But I’m sure it has managed to reach out enough for people to sit up and acknowledge the definite need for a change in the mindsets of our society! I hope it has.


  7. Very true, Jyothi. I feel the statements of the lawyer reflected his sick thought process and not his official position as the defense attorney. I have mixed feelings about this video, but at any rate a radical change in the thought process towards women is required. Hopefully, it happens soon.


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