Miracle Beauty


Partake the beauty of the Emirates A380 at the Miracle Garden 2017- 2018.

Every year they showcase something new and different. You can see photographs of the previous years Miracle Garden on my Flickr account. The link is way down on the right side bar.

This year we visited it around sunset and I forgot to carry my DSLR. Hence the photographs are minimal. I was planning on visiting it again to click some more pics. But that didn’t happen and the Miracle Garden closes on April 30th, 2018.

Eagerly awaiting the next season, which should open up somewhere in November this year.



5 thoughts on “Miracle Beauty

  1. WoW Super innovative Jyothi! Emirates has always been my favorite airplane and their services just amazing. The latest show that they are never shy about innovating and pushing the bar higher. I couldn’t take my eyes off this beauty.

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