Why should WeChat?


Why should WeChat? That is the question actually. There are many ways to chat with people all around the world now. Smartphones , as small and handy as they are, provide a one to one link to anyone anywhere in the world. I mean anyone and I mean anywhere. I generally use WeChat to connect with my family and friends who are spread around India and abroad.

The last thing I do these days , just before going to sleep , is check my phone to see if anyone has sent me a message that I must read before I call it a night. When I am done with checking mails and Social updates and Chat messages, I somehow think about the possibility of being able to chat with a few people who are very unlikely to add me to their WeChats.

One day I let my thoughts wander on these lines. If I were to create a group on WeChat and add 5 people to it. Who would they be?

Let’s see. The choices would be people who are currently in my life, who are no longer part of my life or maybe some people who I would like to make a part of my life. I narrowed it down to the people who are no longer a part of my life.

There was a hunk in school whose name starts with an ‘S’. He had a twin brother whose name also starts with an ‘S’ and a sister whose name (surprise surprise) also starts with an ‘S’. He totally ignored me in favour of those  glamorous girls with no brains. By the way, no spects means no brains. I hope you know that. This was way before contact lenses became a common thing. Now even brainy ones can look glamorous. Like I do. I bet he would be surprised to see me now.

Come to think of it , he would have done well with a friend like me. No, let me rephrase that. He desperately needed a friend like me. You can just check this chat I would have had with the three siblings and my two then best friends. The conversation would go something like this.

Sa = The hunk

Sh = The twin brother

Si = The sister

R = Best friend #1

B = Best friend #2

J = Myself of course

J *into the group window* – Anyone awake?

R – Yes, I am here!

B – what do you want?

Si – Hi! How have you been?

Sh – What a pleasant surprise!

Sa – Who is this beauty on my chat window?

J – Oh Nice! All of you are here. 

R – So Sa, you find J attractive now?

Sa – Huh! who wouldn’t?

Sh – I agree with that!

B – I am sure you do Sh, you always had a crush on her in school.

Si – Oh yes, I remember that phase. Sh was after the brainy kind those days.

Sa – Huh! We knew J in school?

Sh- Yes Sa , J was in our batch too. 

Sa – How come I don’t remember.

Si – That’s  because she was not your type Sa. 

R – So , Sa what do you do these days?

Sa – Oh, this and that. I am into accounting these days.

R , B, J – WHAT????

Sa – What’s there to be surprised about girls?

J – Well, the last I heard about you twin brothers was…

B – J , Shhh…. don’t…

R – Oh yes, I remember. He he…

J – Didn’t the two of you together get a grand total of 10 marks for your Maths Board exams back then?

Si , Sh, Sa – have left the conversation.

Written for the WeChat contest at Indiblogger.