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Honestly, words won’t do justice to this one…

Sense of humour in Brussels, Belgium.


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The Staircase



I don’t think any more lines can fit into this image! A staircase at the entrance of the Art Institute of Chicago.


Illinois Spring



Spring is on its way here too.  Did you notice the ducks enjoying the sunset?

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Miracle Beauty


Partake the beauty of the Emirates A380 at the Miracle Garden 2017- 2018.

Every year they showcase something new and different. You can see photographs of the previous years Miracle Garden on my Flickr account. The link is way down on the right side bar.

This year we visited it around sunset and I forgot to carry my DSLR. Hence the photographs are minimal. I was planning on visiting it again to click some more pics. But that didn’t happen and the Miracle Garden closes on April 30th, 2018.

Eagerly awaiting the next season, which should open up somewhere in November this year.



Makes me smile

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The child in me has been happy so far this year. She not only got to see and experience snow for the first time, but also got to learn to live with it.

New experiences always make me happy, just like anyone else I am sure. It has been more than two months now and the snow still manages to make me smile.

A few weeks ago, during an evening walk, I clicked this photo. The lake is frozen and the friendly neighbourhood geese and duck are walking on the frozen lake! The weather , the view and the euphoria of it all fed the child in me well. Even the layered clothing and the extreme changes in weather so far this spring hasn’t deterred my love for the snow.