Skywatch Friday 5


My Skywatch Friday 5 – 21st June 2013

Hanging Sunset

Hanging Sunset

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A Visit to Shangri La ,Muscat


It is not normal for me to accompany the husband on his trips to Oman. He goes at least twice in a month there and I like always stay back with the kids. This time he somehow ended up booking a room in Shangri La, Muscat. So I guess a visit to Shangri La , Muscat was in cards for me. I generally never ask to tag along, but I had seen this resort from afar on a previous trip to Muscat, and I had secretly had a desire to spend a day there. It is indeed a beautiful place. Walking along the shoreline of the beach in the evening was the highlight of my stay there. I witnessed quite a lot of interesting things and met quite a lot of interesting people too.

Honestly, I do love my husband, but at times it happens certain things are enjoyed better in Solitude. So as I was left alone to wander around in the resort, I used my iPhone 5 to its fullest potential. It has given me some wonderful pictures and what is more special about these memories is that they are just mine. Only I was a witness to its beauty at that point in time. Everyone was either in the pool or beach or on a horse or camel or sipping a drink at one of the restaurants.

I managed to cover less than half of the resort during that walk. Partly because I have a bad back and wouldn’t trust it to let me walk for hours together and partly because I was afraid of getting lost. Or maybe plain laziness, or the fact that at that point all I wanted to do was to grab a book and relax and read a book while sipping hot coffee, before the sun sets. So I made my way back to my room, got my book and headphones and settled for some music and reading on a beach chair to welcome the dusk. It was pure bliss, if I have ever experienced one. The privacy midst the crowd is what amazed me the most. No one to trouble you and no one to judge. I got a few nods, smiles and hellos from a few gentlemen. But I guess I can take that as a compliment. Right?

Here are the pictures. Some of them taken using my Canon 550D and most of them through my iPhone 5. I am sure it will be difficult to make out  the difference. They all look beautiful to me. Every single one of these brings back the blissful feeling. So the pictures and a visit to Shangri La, Muscat , are going to remain personal favourites for a very long time.

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