Movie : Chennai Express



Ever since Jab Tak Hai Jaan , I have lost total interest in SRK’s romantic life. His DDLJ charm can work only for so many years right?

So I went into the theatre looking for a colorful entertainer. Colourful, because South India is always depicted as too colorful. And of course lots of greens too. Entertainer, because when North meets South, it is always depicted as comedy.

Not going to get into the stereotyping issues in this movie, all I will say is the age old comic imitations still looked and sounded amazing in this one. The situations in the movie are quite happenable and SRK’s self deprecating comedy brought about quite a bit of the laughs that echoed in the theatre.

The movie starts with SRK’s narration of his life. Of a sudden twist that changed his life around. The movie starts with the climax scene and the story is told entirely in flashback.

SRK leaves Mumbai to spend a week in Goa with his friends. In order to show his Grandmother that he is actually going to Rameshwaram to immerse his recently deceased grandfather’s ashes, he gets into the first train that leads to South India. You guessed it right. The Chennai Express. Fate intervenes and circumstances don’t let him get off early from the train and join his friends.

That is when Deepika makes an entry totally Simran style running to catch the train. Complete with the old DDLJ sound track playing in the background. The best part is when it plays four more times in quick succession to let in four more passengers. Thus begins the journey of Rahul (Shah Rukh Khan) and Meenaamma (Deepika Padukone) towards Chennai to a small village where Deepika’s father (Satyaraj) awaits his constantly running away daughter to be married off to his friend’s son Tangabali (Nikitin Dheer).

Quite a few good laughs, a bit of drama , a bit of romance , colourful songs and a big huge climax fight later, Satyaraj leaves his daughter’s hand just like Amrish Puri did all those years ago. Even before the fight began, I was expecting a “po Meenaamma, jeele apni zindagi”. Thankfully we were spared from this. The movie ended with class. At times I was confused whether I was watching a Hindi or a Tamil movie. That says a lot about the screenplay , the dialogues and the acting. Everything fell into place perfectly.

It is the kind of movie that you would want to watch at least one more time just incase you missed a beat somewhere. It is fast paced except for the songs, which drag on a bit. I absolutely loved the car chase scenes and the fight sequences.

It has been a while since I have enjoyed an entertainer so much. Being a Rohit Shetty film, the comedy obviously is exaggerated at times. But he keeps it at tolerable levels this time. SRK and Deepika have performed well despite the mimicking and the accent. I am sure Meenamma will stay in our hearts for a while after this movie.

Come fall in love …. Rohit Shetty Ishtyle…. I read this in an ad. And that is exactly what the movie is about.

I would rate it at 3.5 out of 5.

Movie : Oblivion



It has been a while since I wrote something here and called it a review. So I thought if I need to revive my blog from oblivion, the best way would be to write a Movie Review of Oblivion. Ok ,so that was not funny. I agree. But then yesterday after I saw the movie, I was taken back to the days when I actually enjoyed watching movies in the theatre. And I had to share that experience.

The special effects are super , the characters are super, a story is there, mystery and challenge are there, no part of the movie goes overboard at any point and we are spared the images of yucky looking aliens. What more do you want from a Sci Fi movie these days. Like any normal confusing movie of recent times, you miss a beat and you find yourself lost in space. If triumph over evil is the ending of an movie, then I guess every movie is predictable. This one is too, but the real enemy takes its time to show its head. Or not, as in this case.

There are still a few questions that I need to ask about the movie, but then that would be like giving out the entire plot. So I am going to keep those to myself for the time being.

Tom Cruise does justice to his Jack Harper and portrays a perfect confused soul. Andrea Riseborough as Victoria looks like a perfect doll. Too perfect and flawless I must say. Almost inhumanly so as in comparison with the rugged Tom Cruise. Olga Kurylenko could have had more expressions on her face as Julia has a lot to emote in the movie. But then again, space ships and delta sleep and the future may not be apt for emotions in the future. Who knows?

The movie has bit and pieces from here and there and yet doesn’t give the feeling of being repetitive. I suppose some of the criteria for space travel must be true and hence cannot be tampered with. This holds true for the concept of Aliens too. Morgan Freeman is…. well , what can I say… Morgan Freeman. It felt like that no one else can do the role of Malcolm Beech better than him.

All in all, it was a wonderful movie experience. Watch it in a Dolby 7.1 surround system and on a huge screen and sit back and relax as the characters take you into the future of the earth post war.

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Movie : Son of Sardhaar


I am a filmholic. I have to admit this. I watch all the latest movies possible. Especially when there are no exams (of the kids) going on. I enjoy movies that keep me hooked till the end. Most movies manage to keep me engaged and wanting more at least till three- fourths of the movie. Very rarely do movies go past that stage and still entertain me. When they do, they get classified as an entertainer, good movie or a must see movie.

Few are those that make me want the movie to end as soon as possible even before quarter of the movie is done with. Very rarely do I ask people to stay away from movies  and wait for them on DVDs. And more rare when I tell them to avoid watching on DVD too. I understand the thing about leaving the brains at home for certain movies. They are meant only for the heart to understand. For some like these we need to take along an extra set of patience.

I guess you must have realized which movie I am talking about now. I have never wanted a movie to end as badly as this one! Towards the end of the torture there was a motorcycle scene that sealed the deal.

From the recent movies :

Entertainer (Leave Brain Home): Jab Tak Hai Jaan
Good Movie : Barfi
Must See : English Vinglish
Watch on DVD : Talaash
Avoid Totally : Ahem… Not saying

I heard they are showing it on TV soon. Already sold TV rights? Why am I not at all surprised!

Movie : Cobra



Cobra is a 2012 Malayalam film directed by Lal, starring Mammootty and Lal in the lead roles. The film is a comedy-action-thriller.

Cobra is a story of two unlikely brothers. Mammooty as “Raja” and Lal as “Kari”.  Both of them were born in a Kuala Lumpur hospital which goes under attack minutes after they are born. In the hurried escape that follows, the kids get mixed up. These are the scenes that open up the movie.

The rest of their life story is told as when there is a requirement to do so. The basic theme of the story is the bond that these two brothers form over the span of years that they spend together. The other characters revolve around these two central characters. Their love interests enter in later in the form of Padmapriya as “Sherly” and Kaniha as “Annie”.

The main weak point of this movie is lack of a reasonably acceptable villian. This is the main point that creates a “not a great story” feeling. The story could have been given a little importance than just the star powers. Mammootty looks as glamorous as ever and Lal is as entertaining as ever. The two make an incredible pair onscreen.

At some points though, you do feel a bit of the “Thangaashipatnam” Suresh Gopi/ Lal similarities. Which in a way adds in to the comic factor of this movie. But unlike that movie, this one really lacks a solid (albeit crazy) storyline.

Lalu Alex as is as usual his bubbly self and manages to pull off his character reasonably well. Although I do think he could have done a better job.  Everyone else has blend well into the movie and as a whole it’s a complete entertainer.

 I give it 3 stars. It was meant to be an entertainer and it is.

You can watch it with kids below 15 years. 😀

Movie : Limitless

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LimitlessLimitless is a 2011 thriller film directed by Neil Burger and starring Bradley Cooper, Abbie Cornish, and Robert De Niro. It is based on the 2001 novel The Dark Fields by Alan Glynn with the screenplay done by Leslie Dixon. The film was released on March 18, 2011.

I watched this on DVD yesterday, and I must say it was one the better movies I have seen in recent times.

It starts of like a very normal movie, and at times it makes you wonder why you are being shown the boring life of an almost failure (Bradley Cooper as “Edward “Eddie” Morra” ). But then with the entry of the Eddie’s ex-brother-in- law (Johnny Whitwirth as “Vernon Gant”) , the movie takes a whole new thrilling turn.

There is nothing much to say about this movie without revealing its complete plot and story. So I am just going to end this by just stating that “I want that tablet”.

If anyone has any information regarding where I can get my hands on the tablet, or its improved version, I shall pay you with the millions I will make with the help of it!

Thanks in advance. 😀

I give it 4 stars. So do give it a watch and let me know what you think.

You can watch it with kids below 15 too.  😀

Movie : Rascals



The idea to go for this movie was totally mine. I heard the promos of it on Radio and thought that this would be a good comic (after all David Dhawan) watch after the seriousness of the last one (Pranayam).

The movie opens up with comic characters of Ajay Devgan and Sanjay Dutt doing all sorts of frauds and getting away with it. And that was a good start to the movie. No offence, but both these have perfect faces to make comic sketches of. At least, that’s the thought that first crossed my mind.

There is not much to review in this. Its just a comedy and there is nothing new in it. Some of the jokes are laughable and the overall visuals of the movie are great. Other than that , the movie has nothing much to offer.

It’s the story of “con”. And this word is used in different formats to introduce the characters of the movie. The last one is the final punch line of the movie.  But I predicted it before the entry of this particular “con” artist.

Chetan Chauhan (Sanjay Dutt) and Bhagat Bhosle ( Ajay Devgan)  are two con artists .Coincidently they two happen to con the same person on the same day. This third person is a bad guy, Anthony Gonsalves (Arjun Rampal). The story proceeds from this particular day and how the two cons meet on a flight to Bangkok. Their competition thus begins.

They try to out con each other and win the affection of Kushi (Kangana Ranaut), the rich lady with no brains and NO clothes. They do this with the help of sidekicks ,Nano (Hiten Paintal) and BBC(Chunky Pandey). The comedy is nothing exceptional. The incidences are not very original. It’s just a run of the mill comedy show you should watch on DVD when you have nothing else to do.

It does make you laugh, but since there is no suspense at all in it, every comic scene is predictable. Another bad point is that they have used the names and styles of various charity funds and schemes and even though I found it funny, I am not sure if the “Serious” kind of people will take it as a joke.

I will give it a 2 out of 5, at best.