True Light


On a gloomy day,
A hope awakens,
A sad sad moment,
Has been forsaken.

A morning bloom,
A shining dew,
On a happy note,
Hope’s anew.

Breathe with ease,
Have no fear,
Life is good,
Good times are near.

Thus heart’s desire ,
Shy, yet bright,
The love in me,
Shines like true light.


It is a link up to Leo’s and Reema’s #WednesdayVerses.

Fading Smile


Smile is like a sweet pain,
A game that sadness plays,
Reminds me of the days bygone,
And that there is more pain on the way.

As days, months and years go by,
A trial resurrects anew,
A smiling happy life today,
I will try my best to ensue.

A resolution is needed,
It’s a sad thing I know,
Keep smiling , keep sharing,
Happiness will grow.

No year has yet proven me wrong,
Hope this year gets it done,
When one smile leads to another,
And pains bother no one.


I haven’t done this in a while. Here is the first creative product of 2018. It is a link up to Leo’s and Reema’s #WednesdayVerses.



It isn’t in the honour or accolades that a writer breathes,
It’s in the inner peace that writing brings,
I write to feel the warmth of the written word,
It’s effect on this cold soul within.

Many years of happiness and pain,
Maketh a writer more supreme,
A writer known for their writing will inturn,
Suffer many more years of happiness and pain.

How different is a writer from a normal soul?
How elite is this crowd that pride?
Aren’t humans a part of the stories we tell?
Aren’t emotions that we shamelessly sell?

Humans above humans, we know not what we think,
It is all for praise for a job well done,
While another human sits to decide, with malice even,
If what I write is in any way worth his while… 

G for Guilt


That’s three in a row! It is perfect for the situation. Guilty as charged on all counts of stupidy that I have done in the name of good parenting.

And also apt because with this GUILT, I end the A to Z series. I am starting something  new on both my blogs from tomorrow.

G for Guilt

I watch you rise,
After every fall,
I watch you smile,
After every lull.


I caused this,
This pain you know,
I don’t regret it,
It was for you to grow.


I could have nodded,
Agreed with you too,
But I am a mother,
I care about you.


Proud of the man you are today,
I look at you without any guilt,
For if I hadn’t let you go, 
How would you do your bit?


~~ Jyothi Nair  – 22nd February 2014 ~~

A to Z

A to Z

F for Flattery


Yeah , I know. This is way too quick. 😀

F for Flattery

You know me well,
I know you too,
You like what I do,
Even if it’s not new.


Every “like” has a meaning,
If the friend has a heart,
It is just not an agreement,
It is indeed a pact.


We write better,
Till topics come in,
Then the source dies,
And a null sets in.


An encouraging comment,
A pat of a “share”,
It is not about flattery,
It is just that we care. 


~~ Jyothi Nair  – 22nd February 2014 ~~

A to Z

A to Z

Am I Defensive?


Am I Defensive?

Years of hurt and pain,
Have left their mark in me,
I crave for attention now,
Am I what I meant to be?

Don’t you point a finger,
Don’t you chart a blame,
I am like this for a reason,
I don’t need to explain.

At times I am timid,
At times I am aggressive,
At times I accept a flaw,
At times I get defensive.

World isn’t out to get me,
Yet I find it slightly odd,
People say the darndest things,
And expect me to just nod?

~~ Jyothi Nair – 22nd Feb 2014 ~~

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