He loves me , he loves me not

Maybe Yes No Keys Representing Decisions

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She loved that bag of chips. She loved the tintin comic she was reading. She loved the coco cola she was sipping on. The hostel room door was left open for the rest of the girls to feel jealous of her “happy bubble”. She seems so much at peace, she seems so much in love. She seems so much in possession of all her faculties. The scene from any romantic chickflick. This girl was busy making decisions while the others prepared for their finals.

Anyone who knew her well would understand the tension and the worries that clouded her psyche. The challenge that her mind is going through. The questions she is asking herself and the answers she is coming up with all by herself. Sometimes many confusing answers to the same simple question. Does he love me? Why is he being vague about his feelings?

That thin line between like and love. That thin line between sanity and insanity. The thin line between the two vastly different choices she has to make. A perfect life or a blissful one. A tough choice for anyone to make. A difficult decision for a 21 yr old. The uncertainity of her own feelings, the vagueness of the reciprocated feelings and the plethora of worries for the future ahead.

The coke, the chips, the comic and the blissfulness. She is now thinking of ways to make her perfect life blissful or try and make her blissful future perfect. The bubble bursts at some point. Sometimes letting others make decisions for you might not be a bad idea. Sometimes, decisions can be right and wrong at the same time. Why the choice? Why can’t she have both?




It isn’t in the honour or accolades that a writer breathes,
It’s in the inner peace that writing brings,
I write to feel the warmth of the written word,
It’s effect on this cold soul within.

Many years of happiness and pain,
Maketh a writer more supreme,
A writer known for their writing will inturn,
Suffer many more years of happiness and pain.

How different is a writer from a normal soul?
How elite is this crowd that pride?
Aren’t humans a part of the stories we tell?
Aren’t emotions that we shamelessly sell?

Humans above humans, we know not what we think,
It is all for praise for a job well done,
While another human sits to decide, with malice even,
If what I write is in any way worth his while… 

G for Guilt


That’s three in a row! It is perfect for the situation. Guilty as charged on all counts of stupidy that I have done in the name of good parenting.

And also apt because with this GUILT, I end the A to Z series. I am starting something  new on both my blogs from tomorrow.

G for Guilt

I watch you rise,
After every fall,
I watch you smile,
After every lull.


I caused this,
This pain you know,
I don’t regret it,
It was for you to grow.


I could have nodded,
Agreed with you too,
But I am a mother,
I care about you.


Proud of the man you are today,
I look at you without any guilt,
For if I hadn’t let you go, 
How would you do your bit?


~~ Jyothi Nair  – 22nd February 2014 ~~

A to Z

A to Z

F for Flattery


Yeah , I know. This is way too quick. 😀

F for Flattery

You know me well,
I know you too,
You like what I do,
Even if it’s not new.


Every “like” has a meaning,
If the friend has a heart,
It is just not an agreement,
It is indeed a pact.


We write better,
Till topics come in,
Then the source dies,
And a null sets in.


An encouraging comment,
A pat of a “share”,
It is not about flattery,
It is just that we care. 


~~ Jyothi Nair  – 22nd February 2014 ~~

A to Z

A to Z

E for Eagerness


It has been really long. I have a lot of excuses to make, but they are pointless now. I just need to be able to express myself here again. For this I have to put an end to the guilt of not being able to participate in the A to Z challenge this year. So  I am going to publish the posts that were ready to publish in that series over the next two days and then move on with my blogging life. What say you?

 E for Eagerness

A boring tale,
Life would be,
If everyday,
Felt the same to me.

A brand new day,
A whole new feeling,
An urge to live,
To give life more meaning.

Those pretty flowers,
Those chirping birds,
The life that blooms
In spite all odds.

Every inspiration,
Has a path to show,
It all depends on,
Our eagerness to grow.

~~ Jyothi Nair  – 22nd February 2014 ~~

A to Z

A to Z

Am I Defensive?


Am I Defensive?

Years of hurt and pain,
Have left their mark in me,
I crave for attention now,
Am I what I meant to be?

Don’t you point a finger,
Don’t you chart a blame,
I am like this for a reason,
I don’t need to explain.

At times I am timid,
At times I am aggressive,
At times I accept a flaw,
At times I get defensive.

World isn’t out to get me,
Yet I find it slightly odd,
People say the darndest things,
And expect me to just nod?

~~ Jyothi Nair – 22nd Feb 2014 ~~

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