Chew more or less?

More than I can Chew

Chew more or less?

The question for the day is :

How often do you go back for seconds?

How did you know that? Have you seen my hourglass figure or what? I am forever trying to lose weight and never managing it. I am tired of making resolutions and I am not going to make them anymore. Period.

I have noticed that three things are helping me control my diet. Frequent small meals, using a small plate, and not going back for seconds. More or less, I have tried to incorporate this in to my daily routine. But sometimes it does become difficult to follow. I skip a few meals and then I end up taking a huge meal at an odd time. This is the sole reason for my not being able to lose weight.

I haven’t gone for walks for more than a month now. ( Ahem…. The reason is purely medical…something to do with Uric Acid and all). When I do go for those walks, I feel more peaceful at meal times, I feel as though I have earned the meal and relish it with love. When I don’t go for walks, I feel guilty about it and then I stress eat more than I can chew.

So the key is to go for regular walks, use small plates, eat frequent small meals and not go for seconds. Oh My, this looks like a list of resolutions for the New Year. And we all know how resolutions work out. 😀

We also need to drink plenty of water, have fresh fruits and vegetables, reduce the quantity of meat and carbohydrates and concentrate on more natural protein sources. These can be easily done.

We also need to stop having potato chips, chocolates and fizzy drinks completely. Fast food is an obvious health hazard. These cannot be easily done. At least not for me. I love junk food too much!

It is said that if you chew your food for a longer period of time, you will not put on more weight. I am guessing this is because we get too tired from chewing to eat more. 😀

So, what is your diet like? Do you skinny people eat anything cooked at all? (Grrr…)

NaBloPoMo December 2013
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June Photo A Day 12


I am doing yet another month of Daily Photo Blogging. June Photo A Day 12 is here. And I am enjoying the experience. I hope you are too. 🙂

Day 12 : 11’O Clock

At 11:00 pm I would be sleeping on weekdays. For sure. But at 11:00 am almost everyday I would be making a simple lunch either for myself or for all of us. This is as simple at it gets. Rice is getting cooked on the left stove and Rasam on the right. The small pan contains the tempering for the Rasam. There is more to this meal. But I have kept that photo for another prompt this month. What to do, I have only one kitchen! How many photos can I take of it. 🙂



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May Photo A Day 14


May Photo A Day 14 is here and I am trying to post a photo everyday on this blog. Hope you like it . 🙂

The Fourteenth Prompt: Need

I was out shopping yesterday when I got to thinking about the next prompt. What do I need? I needed to buy headphones for my phone. The broken headphones were already part of the Broken Prompt, so I didn’t want to display my headphones again here. After doing a bit of searching and almost fainting at the cost of certain brands of headphones , I bought a reasonably priced one(???) from Virgin Megastores. Yes, I bought a small piece of Gold also as per my previous post. 🙂

This Shopping Mall has recently added a branch of my favourite restaurant to its line of food outlets. So, the choice of what to have for lunch was not a problem at all. As it is I NEED this Hyderabadi Chicken Dum Biriyani at least two times a month.

Sometimes, when I sit to think about what I really need in life, the only answer I get is, the love and affection of the people in my life. But that is something that can’t even be expressed properly, how can I photograph it? So this is a purely materialistic need and anyone who has tasted this once , will always go back for more. That is a guarantee!

They also have an XXXL size for the entire family to have. 🙂 You can see delicious pictures of the food they serve here.

Dum Biriyani

Dum Biriyani

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May Photo A Day 9


May Photo A Day 9 is here and I am trying to post a photo everyday on this blog. Hope you like it . 🙂

The Ninth Prompt: A Snack

This cannot be actually called a snack, because, it will keep you full for a very very long time. But it is something you can have at any time of the day. And hence it can be called a snack. It is called “Puttu”. It is basically made of – soaked, dried, powdered, fried -rice. This powder is mixed with little water, salt and grated coconut and put into puttu makers and steamed. These are mostly seen in a cylindrical shape with layers of grated coconut in between. This one is called a “Cheratta Puttu Maker”. “Cheratta” means a half outer shell of a coconut. 🙂

This goes best with “Kadala Curry“, but tastes heavenly with steamed Kerala Bananas and Pappadams as shown in the picture. 🙂



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Global Village 2012


A trip to the Global Village  2012 was mandatory for us. Even though the atmosphere and the ambience has been the same there for the past few years, it never keeps us from going back every year. The festive feeling and all the good snacks that you get to taste there is amazing. We get to taste food from different countries. There are dance and music performances. There are parades and cultural programmes. You name it and everything entertaining can be found there. At least for people like me.

I go there to enjoy the food, the shopping and of course the chances of getting to click good photographs. This is my second year at the Global Village with my DSLR. A few of the pics and the videos have been clicked using my iPhone 5.  I hope I have made at least improvements in my photography skills. I have tried to capture the essence of the place and share it with my friends here.

Till date, I don’t think we have covered all the pavilions on show there. And Global Village 2012 was no different. But we did cover quite a few this time. I did some jewellery and handbag shopping too. Global Village is the perfect shopping paradise for people who love accessories. You will find variety here. From every country with different styles. The prices have to be bargained. They generally tend to change rates according to customers. Bargain your way through to good deals and smile.

Thai fruits, Legimat and Potato twisters are a must have. If you fancy the Turkish Coffee, you can try that too. Besides these, you also get to have strawberries dipped in vanilla or chocolate mountains. Crepes with different fillings are also popular. Of course you will find ice cream stalls, doughnut stands, samosas and Karak tea stalls all over the place. Popcorn, cotton candy, toffees , coffee, hotdogs and to top it all, almost all the famous fast food restaurants have a stall at the food court. Arabic, Pakistani, Lebanese, Chinese and Indian restaurants line up at the food court. We can dine according to our taste with lovely background music from the performance stage that is not too far from the food court. Once done with dinner and/or snacks , we can relax and watch troupes from various parts of the world performing on stage. The only thing missing are the seats. I wish they would provide seats for us to sit down and enjoy the dance performances. The few benches around the circumference are almost always full!

On the evening that we visited the Global Village 2012, the performance was by students of Shaimak Davar. They were conducting classes for kids backstage too. The dance performance we saw was on a medley of Popular Hindi Songs. Foot tapping numbers by performers adorned with colourful costumes and swaying and dancing with perfection.

Global Village 2012 was indeed a visual and gastronomical treat. And I have tried to capture a bit of that for you too. 🙂

The Videos :

The Photos :

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Payarru Uperi (Thoran)

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Ingredients:Payarru (Long Bean) – 2 bunches – finely chopped.
Onion – 1 Medium sized, sliced
Turmeric Powder – ¼ Teaspoon
Chilly Powder – 1 Teaspoon
Oil – 2 Tablespoon
Mustard Seeds – ¼ Teaspoon
Urad dal – ¼ teaspoon
Dried whole red Chilly – 2
Curry Leaves – 8-10
Salt to taste


  1. Heat Oil in a pan.
  2. Add in the Mustard seeds, Urad dal, Whole red chillies.
  3. When the mustard seeds splutter add in the curry leaves.
  4. Now add in the onions.
  5. Sauté till onions are light brown
  6. Add in Red chilly powder, turmeric powder and salt.
  7. Add in the chopped beans.
  8. Sauté for a minute.
  9. Sprinkle  a few drops of water on them.
  10. Cover and cook for 4 – 5 minutes.
  11.  Open the cover and Sauté till the beans are cooked.
  12. Certain beans may need some extra water to cook.
  13. Serve with Chapattis or Steamed Rice.