A Blunder A Day


“And before I knew it, I had hit ‘Send’. How is she going to react?”

Anil had to re-read the mail at least 10 times. He was not sure how the events would unfold. At least there was hope. He hadn’t mentioned any name in the mail. It was a love letter with a lot of endearment terms. It read more like a diary entry. Hope she doesn’t figure out that it was not meant for her. But then, when was the last time he called her any word of endearment. Or for that matter, when was the last time they spoke of anything else other than the children and the mortgages.

The mere act of clicking the send button,had put him in a state of turmoil. He was not ready to face the consequences. He was not in love with his wife, but he was not ready to give up on the marriage yet.He had to think about the children. Thinking about Seema and talking to her always made him feel better. He knew his love for Seema can and will never be accepted ever. Even Seema wasn’t aware of his feelings for her. She was married and had a life of her own. But the heart wants what the heart wants.

Today morning he had a major fight with his wife Maya. He needed to relax himself. So he composed a loving mail to Seema explaining what he was going through. He was typing it under a lot of pressure. But as he typed he realized how he was feeling the calmness take over him. Seema had that effect on him. His finished typing and with a calm mind clicked the send button and instantly felt a sense of relief.

He went back to check why there was no reply. That’s when he realized that he had sent the mail to his wife Maya instead of Seema. In the short time that Anil waited for a response, he imagined varied response scenarios. But he never expected the reply he got back.

“I understand you now sweetheart. I am sorry for what happened in the morning”, Maya wrote. “We have to discuss this and learn to understand each other better. Come home soon today. Love you”.

That’s when Anil realized that he had never given his marriage a chance. He swore to try and work things out with Maya.

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.

( This weekend your post should begin with, And before I knew it, I had hit ‘Send’. )

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A Hibiscus

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Bloom for a day,
Beauty and Radiance
Then I crumble.


It is an iPhone 5 picture. 🙂

Flowers Speak

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Flowers bring in joy,
But at times makes you mellow,
Bright red ones for love they say,
Heartache , thy colour is yellow……

More pictures by me can be found at What My Camera Captures. Do “Like” the page. 🙂

Of Bloggers and Free Expression


Written for Write Tribe’s Free to Create . And the prompt is :

What does freedom of expression mean to me as a blogger/ writer?

zipped_lips_by_ajoyant-d47rbc5Pic Coutesy : ajoyant.deviantart.com

How does one come into the blogging world? According to me there are four ways this happens.

1. You see a friend or acquaintance create and maintain a blog and have online friends. You are tempted to follow suit.

2. You have this urge to read and write. You read so much that you feel the need to write your views on everything and anything you see. You go searching for an outlet for your talent and you come across blogging.

3. You have a product or service that you want to advertise. Rather than have a static page with just the product details, you prefer to blog about related articles and in the process gain followers and maybe some clients too.

4. You think that what you have to say can bring about a change in the political scene of our country. An open platform to lash out at anyone and anything the blogger feels the need to. Some use Satire to accomplish this.

There is no problem with the first three when you think in terms of Freedom of Expression. You are promoting yourself, your thoughts or your products.

But in the fourth one, what you are actually doing is pointing fingers at people in power and making a mockery of the system. I smile when I read such posts as I agree with what most have to say. Some go about it in a mild way, they speak their mind with ample data to support their claim. They are social workers who are promoting a cause. Some just yap their way into topics that doesn’t concern them in anyway. I have seen and read quite a few of these. Some make you think in a positive way, some produce negativity. Some make us indulge in false dreams of a bright future. Some push through a dark image on everything and anything good or bad, just for the heck of it. Or in short. They do it, just because they can. Some gain so much popularity that they get paid to write Satire. Maybe about movies, books or politics. Ultimately the blogger becomes a brand. And that brand can promote news however he/she deems fit.

There is nothing wrong with this process. More people get to speak their minds than just the selected(elected) few. It gives us access to all sides of the same story. It gives power to the common man. But it also leads to a confused country. Who to believe and who not to believe. Journalists with certain amount of credibility are also not full proof in reporting news. Because there are rules set in to curb their freedom of speech too. Rightly so in most cases. For instance when they were showing live coverage of the terrorist attacks on international TV for even the enemies to watch and learn.

NEWS is important. It is important to report events in their totality. What is unnecessary are the personal opinions , recommendations and the unnecessary innuendos from the common man. There are closed chambers and appointed people to run a government and a country. The option to choose the right people to do their work in these closed chambers is the responsibility of the common man. If they fall for the false identities that they ultimately vote for, then why blame the elected few? Our country has only two kinds of powerful people. They either belong to the ruling party or the opposition. And the war to get back into power continues while the nation’s progress takes a back seat.

Coming back to blogging, even this topic that I am writing on , is also my personal opinion on the topic. Some may agree, some may disagree on a few points. Some will utilize their freedom of expression to throw brickbats or shower compliments on my post. I might take them all in with a pinch of salt. Or maybe I will go after each of the brickbats with my artillery of blogging friends to get my point across to the brickbat holder. Or I would just sit back and enjoy the war that my post has fueled up. No, I am not saying that I am a powerful writer and all this is going to happen to my post. I am just saying that these can happen to any post, anytime. It gets turned into a source of amusement. And that is what I think is the condition of “Freedom of Expression” in this blogging world today.

Happy Independence Day my fellow Indians. Imagine if we were still under the British rule. Imagine how life would be then. We gained freedom from the British and formed our country on this day. So lets celebrate at least that much, today. Let’s celebrate the people who made it happen.

Jai Hind

Idli addiction


I recently discovered about my Idli Addiction! I didn’t realize I was addicted to idlis! I always considered myself a dosa fan. Life without Dosas is unthinkable to me. All diets be damned! How is a person like me to survive without idlis and dosas?

Till date I have not had the need to go on without these. My mom always made these at home while I was growing up. My kids love these , so I make them too. Just so that we don’t put on weight, we decided that we will have these only on weekends. Which is a total of 5 days a week without such heavy breakfast. Worked well for two weeks of school. Then the winter vacation happened! We were back on our putting on weight diet. Sigh!

We were in India for a short visit. Since we were staying at our home and the kids were not with us, we decided on cornflakes breakfast alternating with bread, jam and eggs. Everything went smoothly until we had to face a buffet breakfast at a kochi hotel on the fourth day morning!

There were varieties of breakfast items on display. Huge varieties of pastries and breads, rolls, eggs, upma, puttu, corn flakes and everything that a good buffet breakfast serves. During such buffets I never choose Idlis or Dosas. I stick to Pancakes, French toasts and such stuff that are not generally part of our breakfast menu.

That morning my plate contained beautiful white idlis with tomato and coconut chutneys along with a bowl of Sambhar. I couldn’t help giggle when I saw that the hubby’s plate looked identical to mine.

The point is, they were serving varieties of dosas freshly made in front of us and  we chose idlis. So, I know what to say if someone asks me what is the one food that I can’t live without.  Idli Addiction. Do I need a rehab? A revelation indeed!

So, what’s your addiction?

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Happy New Year

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New Year Demands a New look! Don’t you think so?

As usual I have failed to keep a promise. Or let us call it a Resolution. I was to stay offline till April 2013. Didn’t happen! Surprise! Surprise!

Just like the year, I too have changed a bit. I am thinking (Yes, I do that sometimes) that it is for the better. And to tell you the truth when I left blogging since Dec 24th, I was totally blank in terms of topics to write. And all in all I had a very negative approach to everything.

In my life negativity and postivity phases have always alternated. Now I plan to be positive for a long long time this time. Only positive, happy posts and inspirations.

Just like the look of the blog, I intend to change its type of content too. Going to try and maintain a standard for my posts so that you all will come back to read me At your own free will, rather than through my updates ( read constant nudging) through FB and Twitter. Yes, I am turning a new leaf.

As I sat down beside my son (who is doing his prelims now) while he was preparing for his board exams in April, I realised what I have been missing all these years, staying away from his studies and school work. Even now I am just here to give him a moral support and am not actively involved in his studies. He just needed a bit of organising. I helped him with that.

While I sat there beside him playing games on my smartphone and tablet, a whole lot of blogging ideas popped into my head. The fool that I am , I forgot to note them down. But then I realised that all is not lost. I still have some ideas for writing in me. I am hoping I can bid farewell to blogger ‘s block for a long long long time now. 🙂

With the recent happenings around the world and especially in India, the mood and the spirit had died. But life has to go on. No matter what, no matter how. And these what and how are what my posts will now comprise of. I am promising a post every Monday morning, if God Permits. Yes, I am planning to organise my blogging schedule and my blog reading schedule too. I am working on something that will help me access all my fav blogs at one place. Once that is done, I shall be a regular on your blogs. This I promise. 🙂

Wish me luck, as I start fresh again. I mean, kind of.

Here’s wishing all my lovely friends  A Very Happy New Year.

I am sure this smile is here to stay. And I hope you are smiling too.:)

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