Chapter 4 : It is a boy


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It is a boy

It is a boy

It was almost 4 am when Shreya woke up the next morning. She had slept through the evening and the night. She would have managed to sleep till the alarm rang at 5:30 am if she wasn’t hungry.

She reluctantly woke up and walked into the washroom. The mirror never lies, she was sure now. Looking back at her was the reflection of a helpless women. She couldn’t help feel sorry for herself. The thing about self pity is that it makes us feel better about ourselves once we start finding someone else to blame for our misfortunes. But more often than not, we ourselves are responsible for the messes we create. 

She dashed water over her face and let the tears wash away with it. This was the same room  in the three bed apartment that she and her husband Nayan had taken on rent after Nischal was born. Due to a delay in the paperwork , the moving and shifting happened later than expected. In fact , Shreya went into the labour the day before they were supposed to move into it. While she was at the hospital nursing her new born son, Nayan had taken care of the shifting procedures. Shreya had walked into this apartment for the housewarming with Nischal in her arms. 

The memories of her daughters doting over their new born brother came flooding in. How the same crib that Rhea and Shikha had once used was now redecorated with new beddings and toys. The girls were 5 and 3 back then. Their father had a tough time managing the three. She smiled at the memory where Nayan had come into this room one day frustrated with the girls. He had the task of getting them ready for school in the mornings when ever Nischal got cranky. She remembered teasing him. “You are the one who wanted to keep this baby. Now pay the price!”

Shreya felt a sudden shiver when she realized how she had never wanted to give birth to a third child. It was too soon. The girls were very young themselves and getting trustworthy hired help here was getting all the more difficult. With three kids her chances of getting back to her career were very dim. But Nayan had insisted. “What if it is a boy?”. 

She busied herself with her morning chores in the kitchen. She had the breakfast ready and lunches packed much before her family woke up. It was a normal school and office day after all. As normal as it can get. She picked up the newspaper from the door mat of her apartment entrance. She settled on the sofa reading it while she sipped her tea and snacked on a sandwich. 

By the end of this routine work, she had made up her mind. Cooking did that to her. It relaxed her and helped her think with a clear mind. She had a plan. She was determined to keep her side of the “bargain” that was the divorce, but she wasn’t going to give up on her son either.

To be Continued……


I am planning a 31 part story this month. (God bless me and my readers) 😀

Please wish me luck….

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Chapter 1 : Something special



It was a tiring day at work. Shreya had everything ready at home to celebrate. Having spend the past week making elaborate plans for the celebrations she knew what to expect when she reached home.

She drove through the crowded roads of Bur Dubai with a smile on her face. She had expected a bit of traffic here as usual. It was peak hour after all. But she did not expect to spend 45 mins stuck in the bottle neck towards the entrance of Karama where her home was. By the end of the time, she was so frustrated with the traffic that the soulful music playing on the radio began to irritate her. She switched it off and patiently waited for her chance to take the last right turn that lead to her home.

Being patient was not one of Shreya’s better qualities. Her impatience has led to many a disaster in her youth. She rarely got the chance to undo whatever damage she had done in those days. Those were hurtful days of college life. The carefree life of her 20s. She enjoyed it like the next person. She smiled now at some of the things she got away with till date. She also smiled at the person she was today. She could almost hear her youthful self mocking at her now.”Is that you Shreya? How very odd that I turned into you! What did I do so wrong?”

The giggling younger Shreya vanished just as the last right turn was taken and she had pressed the remote to open the parking barrier. She drove into her parking lot and switched off the ignition. She knew she was late. But she spent a few seconds with her head resting on the steering wheel. The memory of the past needed to fade away completely for her to resume her life now.

She climbed the 20 odd steps to the first floor and made her way to the apartment. She was smiling with anticipation. She had purposely not phoned in about her delay due to the traffic back home. She wanted it to be a surprise. Even though her office hours finish at the same time everyday, she rarely made it home before dark. Today she left office on time and was looking forward to giving everyone a surprise. It was a special day after all.

At the door, her mom was standing talking to their neighbour. The tone of discussion was as usual grave. For her mom everything was a serious issue. Even the gossip sessions saw her forehead with three lines of worry. She wondered if she would be anything like her mom when she gets to that age. She thought it unlikely. But what does she know? Just like the young Shreya didn’t know anything either!

Shreya gave her mom a quick hug and inquired if the kids had got back from tuitions. Still engrossed in conversation, her mother shook her head. Shreya knew she had a little more time to plan the surprise. She was indeed thrilled to be home early today. She had so much to share with her family.


I am planning a 31 part story this month. (God bless me and my readers) 😀

Please wish me luck….

As a part of the Ultimate Blog Challenge and for NaBloPoMo

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May Photo A Day 12


May Photo A Day 12 is here and I am trying to post a photo everyday on this blog. Hope you like it . 🙂

The Twelfth Prompt: Mother

Yesterday , being a weekend here , my kids were around when I clicked the picture for the prompt. It made them curious. Then a discussion started and I was asked what the topic for the next day was. I said, “Mother”. My daughter’s immediate idea was to use these soft toys of hers to make the mother- child effect. These stuffed toys are at least 3 and 4  years old respectively and much loved. So I was a little apprehensive about how the shot would turn out.

I placed the two of them together as my daughter used to play with them long ago and they turned out perfectly. Now I know why the idea came to her so easily. This is how she visualises motherhood. And she is so right! Don’t you think so?

Mother Child 1

Mother Child 1

Mother Child 2

Mother Child 2

This reminded me of my mom too. Mom’s are always there to lick the wounds in difficult times. Their mere presence can bring in the feeling of joy, safety and love.

Happy Mother’s Day Everyone. May every child be blessed with a mom as wonderful as mine. 🙂 

Clicked for May Photo A Day. You might want to like my Photography Page . 🙂

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Mother or not?


I had an encounter of a strange kind yesterday. Before I describe the event, let me introduce the situation. It was a Weekend and the time of day was around 4:00 pm. My daughter and I had an appointment at the Beauty Parlour. I needed a facial and a hot oil massage , and the daughter needed a protein treatment for her rather irritatingly curly and slightly rough hair. Irritating because, I have straight hair and I have no idea how to take care or manage her lovely curly locks. Especially since she despises them so much. She despises them because I have straight hair. She thinks it is a crime against her that she didn’t get my kind of hair or nails. When the truth is, I would kill for her bushy, incredibly lovely hair. Her crowning glory it is and she keeps it in a ponytail at all times, much to my irritation. I think I have deviated from the topic enough now. Mother or not?  That is the question!

Back to the incident that triggered this post. There was another pair of mother- daughter there. I am not generally of the comparing kind (Ahem), but then I had to. There was such a contrast between the two sets that it left me wondering, what I am doing wrong. The daughter is skinny, with extremely thin hair. She was talking about Prom and such stuff, so I am guessing she is in her high school graduation year (though she looked older) . An average looking, hyperactive young lady. The mother is not fat from any angle (but good looking), she has thin hair too, she has was getting her Manicure and Pedicure done, before her facial and waxing. The daughter was getting her waxing done, when we made entry into the scene.

The daughter needed to use the washroom at one point. This particular parlour has its washroom outside the main room. She had to go out into the public before accessing it. She was not appropriately clothed as she had changed from her half jeans into an extremely short pair of shorts. Without her jacket, she was mostly naked. It took a lot of convincing from her mother for her to cover up before leaving the room. In this country, dressing appropriately is a necessity. So her apprehension is very reasonable. The girl doesn’t have that much of an accent, so I am guessing she has had her education here. Maybe in the American System of education here itself. She cant speak a word or even understand Malayalam, her mother tongue, which her mom speaks with perfect fluency.

All these are not the things that made me feel strange. This is quite common here. And has been common even when I was growing up here. They were loud people, so it was difficult not to hear what they were talking about. In fact, their talks were more or less like a show for the rest of us to watch and enjoy.They were referring to her father as Dada. Dada wouldn’t like this hairstyle, Dada would get angry and such stuff. But the girl calls her mother by name! This is what struck me. I know there is nothing wrong with calling your mom by her name. I have done it too. Just for fun. Just to irritate her. My daughter does the same to me too, when she gets into her grandmother mode. But this was not like that. She was actually calling her mother by her name every single time!

I am not sure why I found it strange, because it shouldn’t matter all that much. But then it does to me. I would go crazy if my kids starting calling me by my name. I have earned every right to be called mom. And no way would I give up that position in their lives. I am their friend, I know. Sometimes they advice me, I know. But still, I am their mom! No matter what!

What do you think? Would you be ok with being called by your name by your kids?



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A Diwali in Abu Dhabi


With exams still going on, the children were made to study for a while in the hotel room yesterday. The hubby is in Abu Dhabi this whole week. He wanted to spend Diwali with us. So I drove down there yesterday afternoon.

Before settling down for the night, the kids were reading their books. I am not using the word “studying” purposely. I know my kids too well. The ambience was absolutely wrong for studies! I overhead this conversation between the kids.

Daughter (D) : Why are you not reading?
Son (S) : You keep quiet!
D : Amma, he is not concentrating!
Me : Hmmm.. Ok.. ( busy uploading pics from Mobile)
D to S : Why are you looking at the paintings??
S : I am admiring the pictures framed here. Buzz off!
D : Why are you wasting time looking at these paintings? Amma’s photographs are so much better! Study Now!

My neck suddenly raised from it is constant position of looking at the mobile to staring at my Daughter in admiration. She not only learnt how to nag like me, she , she actually appreciated my photography!

I did a little joy dance in my mind and went back to the pictures on my mobile……

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A Weekend Breakfast


On a weekend (FRIDAY and SATURDAY) morning, breakfast is a big deal in this household. Not that breakfast is given any less importance on other days, it is just that on weekends we have more time to enjoy it. (Read overeat)

The morning discussions and dialogues on such relaxing(???) weekends can get to be quite interesting. If you are a parent of a teenager, you would understand the feelings I go through on a daily basis. When the kids were younger, all I had to do was boss them around and tell them sweetly what to do. So “Brush you teeth properly”, “Go take a bath”, “Clean up your room”, “Keep your study table tidy”, “Eat your food”, etc. These were always either followed with total submission or just a few grunts.

Now that they are teenagers, I don’t get the same responses anymore. I get “Later Mom”, “What’s the big deal mom”, “I am busy”, “Let me finish this chapter”, “Let me complete this assignment”. More often than not, those things rarely get done in time. There is always a rush in the last minute to complete tasks in a real haphazard manner! “I told you so” is not as satisfying when you have to say it to your own kids as otherwise!

I choose to ignore the cluttered rooms and wardrobes, even though I spend most of the day at home. I wait for them to come back from school and find free time to clean up their own mess. The hubby on the other hand has an OCD. He can’t tolerate things out of place and untidy. He cleans them up! This is a topic that often leads to a fight! But yet, never seems to get resolved!

The kids need to learn responsibility. I always complain that whatever I say is always scorned at by all three of them. My gyan somehow is not heard or the thought process is never even appreciated at times. I tell them that in the future there is not going to be anyone to do these for you. The world is going in a direction in which everyone only cares for themselves. There is no guarantee about the kind of life partners they will end up with. No, I am not of the opinion that they can live their lives alone. I will never tell anyone I love to live their lives alone! Everyone needs a partner in crime… I mean life.

I had assumed that my advice and lecture falls on deaf ears. But this Saturday I realized to the contrary. They hear everything! They just choose what to learn from them!

The following are excerpts from the conversation:

The setting : The center table in front of the TV. All four having breakfast and watching the idiot box.

The Menu: Idlis and Ishtoo.

Son: Who finished the idlis?

Me: I had just three.

Daughter: *silence*

The Dad: “How many did you have?”

Son: Just six.

The Dad : *Stunned* And that’s not enough?

Son: I am a growing up boy, I need more food!

The Dad : *Giving me a smile * And you were worried they don’t hear anything you say.

Me : *Getting up to make more * Apparently, I should be selective while giving advice.  😐

Daughter : *Grinning*

Me: *Suddenly remembering* There is no more batter!

Son : *Gets up to go to the kitchen*

Me: What???

Son: I am hungry, I am going to make maggi for myself, anyone else wants?

Me : *Grinning with pride at the husband*

Mission Accomplished? Naah…. still a loooooong way to go! 😦

* Maggi is not good for health

* Too much breakfast means a lot more exercise.

* Too much food will feel make you more sleepy. Especially during exams!

And so many more. I wonder how many times I have to keep saying these things to get even an iota of it drilled into their brains. This also has made me realize something utterly shocking. Mothers can be a dangerous lot. They have more power in their hands than they realize!

I sincerely hope I am using it wisely!