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I was to write a poem a day on different emotions. That was what my April 2014 was to be. But in reality,  April turned out to be a very exhausting and exhilarating experience. My first month back as a teacher and “work out of home”  mom was tiring, to say the least. I have gone through a roller coaster of emotions during the month. From supreme happiness to utter disgust to unbearable hurt and pain. Not necessarily in that order and not all at the work place.

My Evernote still has the entries I had created for the A to Z challenge staring at me and calling out to me from my iPad. My unread books are wondering where I had disappeared off to without them. My music hasn’t had a chance to be heard in more than a month. Such injustice had to end. What better way to do that than releasing those poetic emotions into the World Wide Web and then relaxing to admire my footprints on the digital world evolve with every verse I write. With that first step taken, I could pick up on a friendship that had just started with chapter 1 and flip through pages till my eyes can read no more all the while listening to my playlists till my ears can hear no more. Sleep, you will have to wait. Priorities are changing again!

Emotions never go out of fashion. We wear them with pride at times. At times they are the manifestations of a broken heart. Think whatever you may of what these emotions mean. They are just that and nothing more. My sanity isn’t in question anymore, my reality is strikingly similar to dreams these days. On that note, let us begin the A to Z of emotions. Shall we?

 “A is for Anger “

Never mind that I love you,
Never mind that I care,
Your love hurts so much,
That is the truth bare.

The anger within you,
I am not the cause,
I love you enough,
Not to stand back and watch.

You are heading nowhere,
Oh my love, 
The anger , the hatred,
Have nothing to gain!

You lose a bit of yourself,
Each time you yell,
You lose a lot more,
A bit of me as well.

~~ Jyothi Nair – 2nd Feb 2014 ~~

A to Z

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Festival of Words

Festival of Words

Is that the same shirt you were wearing yesterday, son? I gathered my courage to ask him. Yes! Came the uninterested reply. The fact that I had placed that shirt in the laundry basket myself this morning along with a set of used socks and sweater ,that I gathered from the bed in his room, had no impact on him!

It is futile expecting the kids’ rooms to be perfect during exams. At least there was no leftover food or sticky stains anywhere to wipe off! Thank you mom, came a loud roar from his room. Music to my ears.

Written for the Second Festival of Words at Write Tribe – Day 4 – Music.

vecchio libro con stilografica

NaBloPoMo December 2013


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This is as a part of The little Mermaid Photo A Day Challenge.

Day 6 : MUSIC

These days I get to listen to music only while on a drive. So, here’s to the wonderful music that the various Hindi and Malayalam channels play here. Currently listening to Radio Mirchi(chilly), it is HOT indeed! 🙂


It is obviously an iPhone 5 picture. 🙂

June Photo A Day 22


I am doing yet another month of Daily Photo Blogging. June Photo A Day 22 is here. And I am enjoying the experience. I hope you are too. 🙂

Day 22 : Enjoying Life

For me enjoying life means being with family and friends and enjoying music. Long ago, when I was growing up here in Dubai, we used to have frequent parties. Aunties, uncles  and friends used to sing and even play the instruments. So relaxing and enjoyable it used to be . Miss them!  Now that the kids are in senior school, life is one class after another and one relaxing movie/book after another. Let us see how long we will survive like this. Maybe later in life, I will learn to play these too, just for the sake of hosting parties like those. 🙂

Enjoying Life with Music

Enjoying Life with Music

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Thursday Challenge 5


Yaay ! My Thursday Challenge 5 is out ! He he

“MUSIC” (Instruments, CDs, Live Performance, Sheet Music,…)

My son used to go for guitar lessons. He was good at it. He finished two of the Trinity School Exams too. Last two years, this piece of art has been neglected in favour of preparing for the boards. He plans to continue with the lessons soon. You can see the scratches on this. My son was pretty young when we got this for him. So you can imagine how used this is. It is now shot sitting peacefully on a recliner in my room. It was back in its cover soon after that. Hopefully it will bring more music into our lives soon. 🙂



Done for Thursday Challenge

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Jagjit Singh and Me


I used to sing. No, I really used to. At all parties and family gatherings. I am known among my friends from yonder years as a sort of a singer.

There were three songs that I used to sing quite frequently while I was growing up. In fact, on request I have had to sing this particular one a couple of times at the same party. Don’t ask me why, but that used to happen.

I am linking this third song that reached my singing list. And though we lost Jagjitji a few hours ago, I refuse to feel sad about it. I am not ready to lose that part of my childhood yet.

Jagjitji will remain immortal through his voice and his contributions to Indian Music.