Weekly Photo Challenge: From Lines to Patterns

Basilica Cistern - Istanbul

Basilica Cistern – Istanbul

This is for the Weekly Photo Challenge at WordPress.

Flowers Speak

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Flowers bring in joy,
But at times makes you mellow,
Bright red ones for love they say,
Heartache , thy colour is yellow……

More pictures by me can be found at What My Camera Captures. Do “Like” the page. 🙂

Floor Reflections


This is for Fotolinky, a weekly photo challenge. 🙂

This week : Click a Reflection
(There could be water or glass or anything and there should be a reflection)


How many more reflections can I capture in one pic? You can see the reflection of my husband too. He is buying freshly made Maggi Masala for me to snack on , at the Chennai Domestic Terminal.

More pictures by me can be found at What My Camera Captures. Do “Like” the page. 🙂

A Sepia Me


4 year old me

This was taken when I was around 4 years old. My dad had just come from Dubai for the first time and he had brought a lot of gifts for us three sisters. I was trying them all and my dad , who loves the camera,  kept clicking away to glory. I took this one from an album when I visited  my parents home in Kerala two years ago.

I am the youngest of three sisters with my older sisters 6 and 7 years older to me. Figures, right? Yeah, that’s the reason I am the way I am. Just incase you were wondering. 🙂

This was taken in my mother’s ancestral home in Mezhathur, Palakkad, Kerala. During the one year of childhood I spent there, before we shifted to Dubai. We were in Chennai before that. 🙂

This photo brings back all those memories. Not that I remember it all, but I remember glimpses of it. This photo remains as a part of my treasure trove. Feels like a lifetime ago. And it sort of is. 🙂

This post is written for That Tuesday Thingy, at Indiblogeshwaris. 🙂

Alpine Chough

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The reason why I take pictures with my iPhone while on vacation , as mentioned in my earlier post,  is that, my son gets to use the DSLR.  I find it too heavy and cumbersome to carry my Canon 550D around.

The following pictures of the Alpine Chough were clicked by my son when we were on top of Mt. Pilatus in Switzerland. Not very far from Lucerne, this is a peaceful and beautiful place to spend the night. The morning was absolutely blissful. Waking up amongst clouds and snow caped mountains is an amazing feeling. While we were there, there was a wedding happening there too. What wonderful memories that would be for the married couple! Unforgettable indeed.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: One Shot, Two Ways


I haven’t posted any of my vacation pictures on this blog yet. As always the problem is that I have two sets of pictures. One set taken from my iPhone, which I have been uploading on FB as and when I clicked them. The other set has just been freshly downloaded into my laptop a few hours ago.

The 1000+ Switzerland pictures are still in the process of sorting. Then I came across this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge. I went about looking for something that fits the prompt.

This is the Steepest Cogwheel Train in the world. It took us down from Mt. Pilatus to the Alpnachstad Station. We had reached Mt. Pilatus through the cable car the day before and spent a wonderful night on top of Mt. Pilatus. We missed taking the boat ride back to Lucerne from Aplnachstad. Else, we would have completed the Golden Round Trip.

So here’s my One Shot, Two Ways picture for this Weekly Photo Challenge.

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