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Honestly, words won’t do justice to this one…

Sense of humour in Brussels, Belgium.


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The Staircase



I don’t think any more lines can fit into this image! A staircase at the entrance of the Art Institute of Chicago.


Illinois Spring



Spring is on its way here too.  Did you notice the ducks enjoying the sunset?

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Makes me smile

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The child in me has been happy so far this year. She not only got to see and experience snow for the first time, but also got to learn to live with it.

New experiences always make me happy, just like anyone else I am sure. It has been more than two months now and the snow still manages to make me smile.

A few weeks ago, during an evening walk, I clicked this photo. The lake is frozen and the friendly neighbourhood geese and duck are walking on the frozen lake! The weather , the view and the euphoria of it all fed the child in me well. Even the layered clothing and the extreme changes in weather so far this spring hasn’t deterred my love for the snow.





True to the name that I have been given and true to the morals that have been instilled in me, I try to shine as bright and as happy as can be.

Jyothi means light. I was named after the famous Makara Jyothi. My maternal grandmother is the one who gifted me this name. She added her name along with it too. Jyothi Lakshmi. Lakshmi is the Hindu God of Wealth, Fortune and Prosperity.

What more can you gift your youngest grandchild? The reason a person is given a name is still a mystery to me. My kids were not named by me. But both their names have a meaning and a reason behind them. The love and the blessings of the person who chose that name for you will forever remain in your heart. The first identity you get in your life is by your name. Later your actions and of course your fate decides what you are identified by. Will the authenticity of your name be able to survive your life?

I make it a point to be pleasant with everyone. Even with those who have caused me pain. I may not be bringing happiness to anyone’s life, but at least I try not to bring sadness.¬† Some may even deserve the sadness. But that’s not for me to decide.

Authentic? Am I authentic? I am not sure. I try to be. I strive to be. But as fate has it, I might end up being just one among the many faceless, nameless identities that roam around without any spiritual aim.

If I am not, I intend to change it.

Written for the Daily Post Prompt : Authentic