Why I write


Why I write ?



I am not too sure why I write anymore. If the topic was about why I blog, that answer is quite simple.

Creating a diary entry will only give you the satisfaction of having noted down an incident in life. Nobody reads it, hence nobody connects with it and nobody comments on it. This becomes a one way communication. Blogging breaks all those barriers. It gives a voice to your thoughts and lets that voice be heard by any and many and with it the wrath or the warmth of the reader’s reactions.

I write because my diary doesn’t understand me or speak to me. Like every writer, I am sure, I too started my writing habit with a diary entry. On the front page of that diary was a poem. A poem in which I described what I intend to write in the diary. What followed in the pages after that were prose, quotes and poems. I believe that, if you don’t consider yourself a good writer, the chances are that nobody else will either.

Being blessed with a good vocabulary and the knowledge of the correct usage of words is only the second factor in making someone want to write more. The first factor is the want itself. Some people prefer to talk their feelings out. Hence their work will be more self deprecating or even sarcastical. Journalists try and get their facts right, hence they are rarely bothered about the emotions involved. The prose and poetry type of writers use the medium of words to carve an imagination for the reader. They don’t just state facts, they recreate those facts in the mind of a reader.

That according to me is the power of a writer. Being able to captivate the reader in first 500- 1000 words of a book or a story is what gets the reader to read ahead and enjoy the experience. Fifty percent of what we read reflects on what we write. I love humour, romance, thrillers, suspense and sometimes even a drama. So these find a way into my writings too. I don’t read self help or motivational books, and hence these never show up in my writing.

I write because I want to know if my 100 or 500 or 1000 words can captivate a reader and make them live that experience in that short span of time. If this is accomplished, then I want to work on my language. When I think I have mastered the language , I want to write more words into a story. Then I would want to add chapters into that story. After which I would love to be able to finish the book. The end product would be the result of years of hard work, hundreds of insults, thousands of rejections and hence the sweetest of successes. I intend to achieve that success and with that the happiness of having lived a dream. The power of words colliding with the power of my imagination and creating a world of enchantment for the reader. This is why I write.

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Good Bye 2011


This would most likely be the last post of this year. So its “Good Bye” to 2011.

“Let’s leave behind what has happened,
Let’s weave some more stories,
Life is just an open book,
The WRITER above has HIS theories.

HE puts in happiness,
Where HE seems it’s fit,
HE squeezes in joy,
Where cheers are a misfit.

HE showers some with pain,
HE knows who can bear,
HE trusts them with sorrow
And gives them despair.

HE knows when to call off,
The agony and pain,
It’s just a matter of time,
There will be much to gain.

It’s all in HIS hands,
The sorrow and the happiness,
There is more to HIS logic,
Life’s not just Randomness.”

Adios 2011…..2012 is beckoning me with open arms and I am more than ready to embrace it! 🙂

Loss of Words


Words fail me as I sit to write,
My feelings, my thoughts,
My views on what I call life.

Not many know what its like,
To feel the way I do,
It’s a lot more than just strife.

Confusions are just the beginning,
Dreams are just that, dreams
And life always remains a mystery.

More than the hunger for love,
Or of that for success,
It’s in the present as much as in history.

Not a soul to open up to,
To feel just what I feel,
Loneliness is here to stay.

For the recluse of the timid,
For the saddened soul,
Loss of words is a big price to pay.

Love Sublime


Buying new stationary always cheers up my mood. So when I went out to make some payments(the hubby is still out of town), I bought these too. It’s been ages since I have written something like this. I barely recognize my own handwriting. If you can’t read the poem from the pic, I am typing it here too.

It’s been years since I felt this way,
An absolute connection,
My heart desires much more,
There is more to this emotion.

There is a reason why I feel this way,
I simply cannot express,
The love that had died within me,
Has been stirred up to stress.

I desire not to want,
And I want not to desire,
There is a love within me till date,
That just refuses to retire.

Every time a new flower blooms,
Spreading its brilliance,
In colors and in fragrance,
In all its exuberance.

A butterfly flutters in my heart,
To make matters worse,
A smile too sprouts out,
Even during times of remorse.

Letting Go


I see the grieving faces,
The tearful days that follow
The need to feel angry
And the need to be left alone.

Friends and family all alike
Tell them what to do
The best way to move ahead
Is to mourn, to let it out.

The very same console
The dear one has gone
The ones that remain
Their lives must go on

Everyone’s on Facebook
MySpace and twitter too
A few words of mourning
They are back into their groove

From the heaven’s above
I see these changes
Life has moved on
It’s not so hard to let go

Do we dream?


The mornings wake to a bright new day,
Hiding secrets of the night,
Mourning it’s heavenly glory,
As darkness turns to light.

A few things yet remain hidden,
It’s best not to disclose,
Your dreams are but yours to keep,
They set in as your eyes close.

Into fantasy, into a new world,
With faces and hopes changing,
As morn arrives, these go to sleep,
And all that’s left is a day long waiting.

Some complain , they do not dream,
It’s not true, they don’t know,
Every night with hopeful hearts,
Into their waiting arms we go.