In all Fairness

In all fairness

In all fairness

The smell of smoke lingered in the air,
A dampness was felt beneath,
I had taken a fall,
Of this I was sure.

A headache lingers,
As I try to remember,
The reason I met this fate,
Was just about getting clear.

There’s heaven in hell,
If you have a good mate,
I searched for him in vain,
He was no where to be found.

A cardinal sin lust is I am told,
I have been punished,
Within my aching heart,
Still remains his memory.

The biggest punishment,
Is for a lover to be forgotten,
I am a stranger now,
He must be forgotten too!

For the same crime,
He gets to forget,
I get to remember,
It simply isn’t fair at all.

Written for Speakeasy#136 at Yeah Write

NaBloPoMo November 2013


An open secret

Open Secret

Open Secret

This was selected! 🙂


No amount of inner conflict could deter her from her decision. That is what Seema kept telling herself over and over again. It is not that she had any other choice. The matter had to be dealt with as delicately as possible. After all her niece’s future was at stake.  But she was worried about what her sister Shikha had done.

The admission details were being emailed to Shikha at that instant. She had accomplished what her daughter Ria had wanted her to do. She her managed to talk the management into giving her future son in law a seat in the field of his choice. She had the power to make it happen and that power just happened to be her biggest failure ,according to Seema.

She keeps worrying about whether Ria’s fiancé was taking advantage of Shikha’s position. It is not that helping the son in law to better his future prospects is a bad thing. It just that something about the whole issue had left her feeling suspicious. She knew that if they gave into the request and got the admission for him, such demands would only increase in the future. This is not dowry, she knew. But this wasn’t very far from that either.

What if Shikha refuses to do this? Will he leave Ria? Will Ria hate her for breaking up her relationship? Will Seema’s doubts and worries be accepted by her family? Maybe she was wrong. Maybe the boy is genuinely interested in Ria and loves her. This is just a one time thing to boost his career. It was for post graduation after all. But how would the two of them survive with neither of them working? Is this marriage happening at the right time? Shouldn’t they wait for some more time. The years are passing by, both are not getting any younger. There is pressure from the family.

It looked like everyone is waiting for this wedding to happen. Then why should Seema worry about this anymore? It is after all Ria’s parents’ responsibility. This relationship of Ria’s was an open secret among all family members. So there is no point in trying to hide it and end it. It is best to keep quiet and let events proceed as planned. Maybe it was just over protection towards her favourite niece. She would leave it at that.  The decision was made.

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Small things matter


Small things matter is for the Write Prompt #7 on ” Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart”

Winnie the Pooh Paris Disneyland

Winnie the Pooh Paris Disneyland

There isn’t a day that goes by when I don’t think about the glorious days of my college life. Every experience back then was a lesson learnt. Some failed friendships, wounded hearts and a plethora of other emotions that were totally new to me back then. But the impact and the influence that a certain incident had on me is so amazing that whenever I consider myself low in motivation or low in energy to even survive the very day, that incident comes back into my memory’s cache.

A friend of a friend was admitted into the hospital after a minor accident. We were a gang of 7 or 8 girls who had entered the hospital together that day. Just as we got in, all my friends ran in different directions as soon as another young patient made his way towards our direction. I was too late in reacting. By the time I understood it, I was alone in front of him, he was too close and my feet refused to move. During the sudden dispersal of my friends from the area, I heard the words “mentally unstable student”. He came forward and I smiled at him like I always do at anyone who smiles at me. He walked away with the smile still on his face.

Within seconds of his disappearance, the rest of the girls joined me again. From the short conversation that followed, I gathered that he could be dangerous. That put me into further deep anxiety mode as we entered the room of the person we has actually come to visit. As we got introduced to the patient and his friends , the mental guy makes an entry into the room. This time he has a flower in his hand. He came walking towards us. He stopped and looked at all the girls and then smiled and handed the flower to me!

I was shocked and embarrassed at the same time. After the guy left, I got the stares from everyone in the room. But nobody said anything. To this day, I wonder what made him chose me. I was told by a girl friend on the way back that day that maybe he thought I was  a nice person because I didn’t run away. When I repeated the story to another friend, he said, maybe because I was the prettiest.

I can argue on both counts. I would have ran away too, if I had known his history before that moment. And I was definitely not the prettiest in the group. Then why? Because I smiled?

Yes! It was because I smiled. It was then that I realized the worth of a smile. It can give a gift of happiness to the person receiving it. Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart. I made him feel normal with a smile , unlike the others, although unknowingly, and he taught me a valuable lesson in compassion.

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What are you saying?


” What are you saying? ”  is for the Write Tribe Wednesday Prompt 6



Did you just tell me that I am out of the team? But this is not fair! I have been very regular for the team practices. I know I was not able to make it to the last weekend practice, it was my son’s soccer match. How could I miss that?

And this weekend I got called into work due to an emergency issue. I can’t help it! Work is after all important for sustenance. I am a good player, you yourself selected me for the team. Can’t you just let me stay away from today’s practice too? I promise I will try and be more regular from now on.

What do you mean, this needs commitment? I am committed to the team. But then, I am committed to my family and work too. Isn’t life all about finding that balance. I love being on the club hockey team, and there are two more weekends before the tournament begins. Hockey is the one passion I follow. It helps me relax, and being able to play for the club is an honour. Please don’t take that away from me. I promise to be more regular.

Thank you, Sam. I knew I can count on you. You are a true friend. Talk to you later, the boss is on the other line.

There is nothing wrong with the presentation, I worked an entire week on it. It was well appreciated by the team members too. I am not sure what you find wrong with it boss. But if you think I can do a better job, I will do more work on it today. I have come in on a weekend to do just that. I am getting another call, I will get back to you boss with a better presentation soon.

Hello Susan, how is she now? Did she fall asleep? Make sure you give her the medicines on time. These seizures are causing havoc on her life. She needs that surgery, and we will get it done before her 10th birthday this December. Don’t worry dear, nothing will happen to our daughter. She is a brave girl and she will make it through this too.

George disconnects the phone, hangs onto the receiver and weeps like a child. What else can he do?  Life keeps throwing problems at him and he dodges them as best he can. He needs to work hard and save up money for his daughter’s surgery. He needs to save up for his son’s college tuition too.

Well, at least there is still hockey and his team to look forward to for the coming few weekends. Life is all about balance. And living is the act of finding that balance and maintaining sanity in the process.

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Photo This Week 3


Photo This Week 3 (18th June to 25th June) Please share :“Something yellow this week!” 

I picked up a few mangoes on the way from Oman yesterday. A roadside vendor was selling varieties of mangoes and melons, all local produce, with a small shop set up behind his pick up van. So I went ahead and clicked a few yellow ones for this prompt. 🙂

Yellow Mangoes

Yellow Mangoes

Posted for Photo This Week 2.


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7x7x7x7 writing prompt at Write Tribe.


This is for the 7 x 7 x 7 x 7 writing prompt at the Write Tribe.

7X7X7X7 writing prompt at Write Tribe.

7X7X7X7 writing prompt at Write Tribe.

‘What’s happened?’ boomed Howard’s voice, with a slightly tinny edge; Miles had put him on speakerphone for Samantha’s benefit.

The marriage was over and nothing Howard could do or say would change that. Maybe if Miles had seen it coming, he would persuaded Samantha to stay on in the marriage. But she had been suffering in this loveless marriage quietly for a long time now while Miles had been living in the past. A love that should have died with Annie, still lingered on in his heart. And now it threatened to end his marriage with Samantha too.  Howard, who had graduated from high school and was away at college now, wasn’t surprised  at all.

**** I am so impressed with this 7x7x7x7 writing prompt at Write Tribe that I actually pointed to the 7th sentence in the 7th page of the 7th book and wrote 7 sentences on it *****

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Write Tribe Prompt


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