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My blog tells me that it has been 5 months since I wrote something here. I guess it is time to start writing again. If only planning to write , wanting to write and writing were all easy to do as they used to be.

Collecting thoughts and putting them down on paper (ahem) isn’t easy anymore. There is so much to say, so much I should not say and so much more that should have been said a long time ago. 

But one has to restart somewhere. Let it be now and let it be here. At the moment that I am still sad that my first born is not at home anymore , yet happy and proud of the man he has turned out to be. He has flown the coop . He is happy at a college in the US. This moment is precious to me. I just realized he misses home. I also just realized how selfish I am!

Let the feeling sink in, I keep telling myself. It hasn’t yet. He is still a child. He still behaves the same. He still is the same. I know it is wishful thinking to hope that he will always remains the same.

I started blogging when my kids were small and blogged through their teenage. In this new phase as a college mom, I am not sure what to blog about anymore. Until I figure out what to write about, I am leaving you with something that’s close to my heart these days :

Missing someone is bad enough, but being missed feels even worse…

Cut the Cloth

Cut the Cloth

Cut the Cloth

It was 28th December and we still didn’t know what we were doing for New Year’s Eve! I guess there is a first time for everything in life. As the usual custom, my sisters and I plan up something for the 31st night. Something different from the year before. This is done mostly before Christmas. But December 2013 was not an ordinary December. It was more or less like the moon’s surface. Not at all smooth!

Our brilliant investments before the recession hit, had come to an “impossible to handle” situation. There is a saying that goes something like, “There is no gain without any pain.” Whoever said that must be shot dead! Where is the gain after all the pain I went through for years!

Well, there was no gain per say. But we did cut out our losses. “Cut the coat according to cloth”, I have no idea who said it. But this was something that my dad used to repeat time and again to us. Desire only things that are possible. And if you must desire something out of reach, then you must plan well towards it. Not jump into it with your eyes, ears and brains closed!

Some foolish decisions later , we have come to our senses. Nothing matters more than happiness and peace of mind in the house. Comparisons can stay on FB and cocktail parties. Life is lived in living rooms and bedrooms not on FB or cocktail parties! Finally , Dad’s words have sunk in. But does this apply to everyone? I have seen people make investments and come out victorious and I have seen people fall flat on their faces. So where is the list of correct way of doing investments and savings? I am guessing there is none!

All anyone does is make well thought out and planned decisions, stick to the plan and hope nothing goes downhill. And if we are lucky enough, nothing will. But if we are like me, then everything that can go wrong will go wrong. So for people like me I have the best advice I can give. That too free of charge. “Cut the coat according to cloth”. That is the mantra of my kind of life.

It is said that we should save at least half of what we earn. Save it up for a better retired life. I think all I need is cash during my retired life. I don’t want to run around collecting rents or looking for people to buy the property that I have carefully invested in. I prefer having a bank balance that will be enough so that we can live off its interest every month and a home to live in. Maybe go on a holiday once in a while. Is that too much to ask? But if I save up every penny in the hope that I will travel more in my old age, how wise would that be? Especially since there is no guarantee for life. Is there?

This isn’t the best way to start a new year on the blog. But this is the only way I know. Learning from the past and moving towards a better future. Where mistakes will not be repeated and thus decisions will not be regretted.

What is that one major thing that the events of 2013 has taught you? Would you like to share it here?

On a brighter note, Happy New Year to everyone. 😀

Happy New Year 2014

Happy New Year 2014

P.S : The cake was yummy. 😀 

Picture Courtesy : Cross connection and What My Camera Captures. 🙂

QUOTE : Doing Enough

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I sometimes feel that I am not doing enough for the world. But then the world doesn’t always do enough for me either!

QUOTE : The problem with finding…..


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The problem with finding the way is not the lack of will, it is the lack of belief in anything good. Life never willingly hands us a bad day, it is mostly our lack of faith that lets us down. Be positive.

QUOTE : Anywhere is heaven..


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Anywhere is heaven, if there is love within. Everything is love, if there is compassion within.

P.S : I am on a vacation in Kerala, India at the moment. So very limited blogging and blog reading opportunities. Will back in full swing sometime next month… 🙂