Chapter 4 : It is a boy


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It is a boy

It is a boy

It was almost 4 am when Shreya woke up the next morning. She had slept through the evening and the night. She would have managed to sleep till the alarm rang at 5:30 am if she wasn’t hungry.

She reluctantly woke up and walked into the washroom. The mirror never lies, she was sure now. Looking back at her was the reflection of a helpless women. She couldn’t help feel sorry for herself. The thing about self pity is that it makes us feel better about ourselves once we start finding someone else to blame for our misfortunes. But more often than not, we ourselves are responsible for the messes we create. 

She dashed water over her face and let the tears wash away with it. This was the same room  in the three bed apartment that she and her husband Nayan had taken on rent after Nischal was born. Due to a delay in the paperwork , the moving and shifting happened later than expected. In fact , Shreya went into the labour the day before they were supposed to move into it. While she was at the hospital nursing her new born son, Nayan had taken care of the shifting procedures. Shreya had walked into this apartment for the housewarming with Nischal in her arms. 

The memories of her daughters doting over their new born brother came flooding in. How the same crib that Rhea and Shikha had once used was now redecorated with new beddings and toys. The girls were 5 and 3 back then. Their father had a tough time managing the three. She smiled at the memory where Nayan had come into this room one day frustrated with the girls. He had the task of getting them ready for school in the mornings when ever Nischal got cranky. She remembered teasing him. “You are the one who wanted to keep this baby. Now pay the price!”

Shreya felt a sudden shiver when she realized how she had never wanted to give birth to a third child. It was too soon. The girls were very young themselves and getting trustworthy hired help here was getting all the more difficult. With three kids her chances of getting back to her career were very dim. But Nayan had insisted. “What if it is a boy?”. 

She busied herself with her morning chores in the kitchen. She had the breakfast ready and lunches packed much before her family woke up. It was a normal school and office day after all. As normal as it can get. She picked up the newspaper from the door mat of her apartment entrance. She settled on the sofa reading it while she sipped her tea and snacked on a sandwich. 

By the end of this routine work, she had made up her mind. Cooking did that to her. It relaxed her and helped her think with a clear mind. She had a plan. She was determined to keep her side of the “bargain” that was the divorce, but she wasn’t going to give up on her son either.

To be Continued……


I am planning a 31 part story this month. (God bless me and my readers) 😀

Please wish me luck….

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Thursday Challenge 5


Yaay ! My Thursday Challenge 5 is out ! He he

“MUSIC” (Instruments, CDs, Live Performance, Sheet Music,…)

My son used to go for guitar lessons. He was good at it. He finished two of the Trinity School Exams too. Last two years, this piece of art has been neglected in favour of preparing for the boards. He plans to continue with the lessons soon. You can see the scratches on this. My son was pretty young when we got this for him. So you can imagine how used this is. It is now shot sitting peacefully on a recliner in my room. It was back in its cover soon after that. Hopefully it will bring more music into our lives soon. 🙂



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June Photo A Day 2


I am doing yet another month of Daily Photo Blogging. June Photo A Day 2 is here. And I am enjoying the experience. I hope you are too. 🙂

Day 2 : A moment

My son’s results came out recently. He scored above my expectations (for very valid reasons) and in that happiness and relief, we gifted him with this. It is a captured moment in time. One I will treasure for a very long time. 🙂

P.S :He has computers as his fav subject and writes programs in Java. He knows the phone inside out even before opening the box!

Samsung S4

Samsung S4

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A Diwali in Abu Dhabi


With exams still going on, the children were made to study for a while in the hotel room yesterday. The hubby is in Abu Dhabi this whole week. He wanted to spend Diwali with us. So I drove down there yesterday afternoon.

Before settling down for the night, the kids were reading their books. I am not using the word “studying” purposely. I know my kids too well. The ambience was absolutely wrong for studies! I overhead this conversation between the kids.

Daughter (D) : Why are you not reading?
Son (S) : You keep quiet!
D : Amma, he is not concentrating!
Me : Hmmm.. Ok.. ( busy uploading pics from Mobile)
D to S : Why are you looking at the paintings??
S : I am admiring the pictures framed here. Buzz off!
D : Why are you wasting time looking at these paintings? Amma’s photographs are so much better! Study Now!

My neck suddenly raised from it is constant position of looking at the mobile to staring at my Daughter in admiration. She not only learnt how to nag like me, she , she actually appreciated my photography!

I did a little joy dance in my mind and went back to the pictures on my mobile……

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Safety First


My daughter ,the other day, was ordering some items from the grocery nearby over the phone. The same order, if my son or I had given would have ended in less than three minutes. She took more than five minutes. That too after I asked her to disconnect the line. She was being nice on the phone. She spoke very sweetly to the person and was trying to make the guy understand what a “Strawberry Flavoured Yoghurt” is. That was fine. She was giggling too during the process. This somehow rang alarm bells in me. She was then being asked the particulars of the curd and other items that needed to be ordered. Which generally never happens on certain items , because they are a small shop and have only limited varieties and brands. I asked her to end the conversation as soon as possible.

This is something typical what my mom would have asked me to do. She was always highly cautious of who I spoke to and how I spoke to the person. She was my moral and behavioural watchdog. Though I resented it at the point, I now realise how important those teachings have been. Being naive and thus being nice to everyone is an inborn faulty trait. Sadly my daughter has got it from me. These kind of people trust everyone blindly. They are highly immature in their ways. And hence are the ones who end up getting hurt the most. If it was just an emotional hurt, that is bearable. Not acceptable, but bearable. The breaking of trust can leave a scar. But when that very same breaking of trust ends up violating someone physically, it ends up being a crime.

In many ways I was restricting my daughter’s freedom to do and say as she desires. Being a feminist I would want her to talk in whatever way she choses to and to whoever she wants to. But I just couldn’t. Does that make me a hypocrite?

Being nice gets you friends in the long run. Being cautious of people rarely helps in that account. It takes ages for someone like me to trust someone first. Friendship and everything else comes a long way down the line. I am in a dilemma whenever parenting issues come up these days. Am I so proud of what I have become to make my daughter follow the same cautious path that I took? Or do I let her be more open and trusting to people. I am not just referring to men here. Girls can deliberately land you in trouble too.

I can stay back and not be a helicopter mom if all that would come out of that was a failed test or unattended extra curricular. But should I back out from protecting her or teaching her how to protect herself emotionally and physically?

Everyone says if you have one of each kind, a son and a daughter, your family is COMPLETE. I think it is time this is rephrased. The mother of such a family is FINISHED! This situation is the worst to be in. I want to be a feminist when I teach my son how to respect women and to treat them as equals. On the other hand I am restricting my daughter from doing certain things. No, I don’t make any differences in the way the two are brought up. They enjoy the same rights to attend parties, movies , sleepovers and trips. But they have to be taught a different set of rules when it comes to safety.

Where does a parent draw the line between his/her own views on feminism or right to equality and the safety of his/her child?

A Success Story


With nothing to report from the life of Jyothi, I am going to take up another subject today.

The subject is a lady in her late 30’s. She has a son who is 14 years old. Her husband leaves her alone to fend for her son by herself a few years ago. She is a beautician and hence can survive on her own. She does have relatives here, which was a lot of help for her. She comes into my neighbourhood and buys a well running beauty saloon that I frequent. She is the epitome of simplicity and of courage. She hails from Aluva, Kerala and is a Muslim by religion.

Recently, she got married again to a friend of a distant family member who is a perfect match for her even age wise. He has never been married before. He is a doctor by profession and resides in London, England.

This courageous lady is planning to sell her business and settle with her son and her newfound husband in London.

The problem with the above said story is that, in spite of her having gone through a lot in her life, I haven’t once seen her cry.

Although she is my age, she always calls me “Molle”. It’s an endearment term in Malayalam, generally used for someone who is much younger than you. (It literarily means Daughter).

The fact that her parents didn’t want her to remarry is not a shocking one. She was sending a major part of her earnings to them. Her son’s needs were always looked after well. She made sure that he has everything he needs. And he has grown into a handsome young man. But, it’s now time for her
to move forward in life.

I am wishing her the best that life can offer her. From what I know of her and the cruel life she has had, I am sure she deserves every happiness that comes her way. At times I have thought that she charges me more than she should for the facial or hot oil massage, but I never complained. It’s not because I am extremely rich and I have a lot of money to give away. But I know in my heart of hearts that if I were in her place, I would have broken down and given up long ago. And if in any small way I can be of help to her, I didn’t mind it.

It’s really rare that women like this get appreciated here. In this society being divorced woman is a crime. If you are good looking then that’s even worse for her. If she is into the Beauty Parlour business, then there is no doubting it at all! She is bad! How narrow minded can people get?

I do not vouch for her being good or bad. I am not really sure I know the true definition of either of these. Isn’t it relative in a way? She is as good as a woman in her circumstance can be and as bad as every woman in this world has a capacity to be. It’s all in the mind of the believer. I believe that whatever she has done or is going to do in her life will be good. She possesses a heart that listens, a mind that understands and a brain that can put many an engineer to shame.

Her’s is a success story according to me. Like she said to me today, wherever she goes, as long as she has her profession to fall back on, she will survive!

And survive and succeed she will , of that I am sure.