It isn’t in the honour or accolades that a writer breathes,
It’s in the inner peace that writing brings,
I write to feel the warmth of the written word,
It’s effect on this cold soul within.

Many years of happiness and pain,
Maketh a writer more supreme,
A writer known for their writing will inturn,
Suffer many more years of happiness and pain.

How different is a writer from a normal soul?
How elite is this crowd that pride?
Aren’t humans a part of the stories we tell?
Aren’t emotions that we shamelessly sell?

Humans above humans, we know not what we think,
It is all for praise for a job well done,
While another human sits to decide, with malice even,
If what I write is in any way worth his while… 

The Incident

Car Diving

Picture Courtesy : Car Diving

It took a while for her to realize what was happening around her. The last thing Rema remembered is getting into the car and starting the engine. She was to pick up her daughter from her piano lessons. It was a 15 minute drive to the institute and was something that she always looked forward to doing.


Now she sat covered in a blanket wet to her bones being questioned by the police. A lady inspector was asking her if she was alright? Was she? She didn’t know what was happening. She doesn’t remember how she got there. How is she to answer a question like that? She sat there staring at the Inspector.


Inspector Jeena was looking over towards the other side of the lake. There on a stretcher was the body of an unidentified man. It wasn’t a gruesome scene at all. But she didn’t want the lady driver to see that scene as yet. She turned Rema to face the other direction and was trying to ask her a few questions. It looked like she was in a state of shock. Which is obvious after being pulled out of the lake after the car ran into it. Rema was plain lucky that she managed to get out the car. A passerby had rescued her and brought her to shore. The lake wasn’t a very deep one.


Now when the men were pulling out the car using a crane, Inspector Jeena could see that the windows were open. That is how Rema managed to surface. But why didn’t the man surface in time too, she thought. The post mortem is going to reveal the truth soon, thought she. Until then, it is best to keep all this from Rema. Not knowing what happened, a state of temporary amnesia is quite common in such accidents. This case will take some time to solve. There goes the fun Christmas holiday weekend with her daughter, she thought, as she nodded her head to inform the people to carry the body to the morgue for post mortem.


There was another ambulance ready to take Rema to the hospital. Jenna walked her to the ambulance, laid her down on the stretcher and got in with the nurses. She normally goes in the police jeep, but this time she somehow wanted to accompany Rema in the ambulance. Rema was holding on to Jeena’s hand tightly all along, but her eyes were now fixed on the van ceiling. Almost like as if she was in a trance.


To be continued……

Angry Alphabets


I was to write a poem a day on different emotions. That was what my April 2014 was to be. But in reality,  April turned out to be a very exhausting and exhilarating experience. My first month back as a teacher and “work out of home”  mom was tiring, to say the least. I have gone through a roller coaster of emotions during the month. From supreme happiness to utter disgust to unbearable hurt and pain. Not necessarily in that order and not all at the work place.

My Evernote still has the entries I had created for the A to Z challenge staring at me and calling out to me from my iPad. My unread books are wondering where I had disappeared off to without them. My music hasn’t had a chance to be heard in more than a month. Such injustice had to end. What better way to do that than releasing those poetic emotions into the World Wide Web and then relaxing to admire my footprints on the digital world evolve with every verse I write. With that first step taken, I could pick up on a friendship that had just started with chapter 1 and flip through pages till my eyes can read no more all the while listening to my playlists till my ears can hear no more. Sleep, you will have to wait. Priorities are changing again!

Emotions never go out of fashion. We wear them with pride at times. At times they are the manifestations of a broken heart. Think whatever you may of what these emotions mean. They are just that and nothing more. My sanity isn’t in question anymore, my reality is strikingly similar to dreams these days. On that note, let us begin the A to Z of emotions. Shall we?

 “A is for Anger “

Never mind that I love you,
Never mind that I care,
Your love hurts so much,
That is the truth bare.

The anger within you,
I am not the cause,
I love you enough,
Not to stand back and watch.

You are heading nowhere,
Oh my love, 
The anger , the hatred,
Have nothing to gain!

You lose a bit of yourself,
Each time you yell,
You lose a lot more,
A bit of me as well.

~~ Jyothi Nair – 2nd Feb 2014 ~~

A to Z

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A Christmas Gift


If I don’t post this in 2013 itself, it will be a shame. So even though I am on a forced blogging break till the second week the next year, here I am boasting about being a part of a wonderful group of writers and friends and hence becoming a part of our First ever Write Tribe Anthology Book.

Our friend Vidya , who has compiled and edited the book with the help of Vaisakh and Corrine, has brilliantly explained how the book came into being in her post. Please do read it to understand the importance of this book in our lives.

I hope you do take the time out to download and read The Write Tribe Anthology Book 1. It is a compilation of the bestest posts from the blogs of us 36 write tribers. I hope you enjoy reading it. If you do, then please do share it too. 😀




Insomnia reading

Insomnia reading

How much more time are you going to take to finish this book? I will finish two by that time! Surprised? Insomnia gives me enough time. This book is next on my list!

Choose a word and use it three times in your 33 words. However, it must be either a verb, noun or adjective and the form of the word cannot change, it must appear exactly the same three times.

NaBloPoMo November 2013

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Yeah I know

Yeah I know

Yeah I know

I was among a group of young mothers fussing over their toddlers and three year olds. Enjoying the conversations and being reminded of my kids at that age. I made it a point not to comment so as not to sound like “been there done that” kind of person. Then one of them comments “you are lucky that your kids are teenagers now , so much time to relax and enjoy!”. At that moment I wanted to behave like one of my teenagers and answer back , “So, you think you know it all, eh?” Why bother! Experience is the best teacher!

Written for Write Tribe’s 100 words on Saturday Prompt.

Today’s prompt comes from Jairam Mohan who calls himself Mahabore – and is anything but! Check out Mahabore’s Mumblings:

100 words write tribe

100 words write tribe

NaBloPoMo November 2013

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